Monday, May 6, 2013

Playing with PS Vita

Gotten the PS Vita in my hand sure is a nice feeling, but I am considered new to PS Vita system, so I do need to try out and see how the console works.

I not that pro and don't need to read the Manual. I do need to take a peek first and understand that bit before I try playing with PS Vita.

But it do turned out great, though the game that I got is Soul Sacrifice only. I wonder if there any cheap games to grab with, but I would want to play Ragnarok Odyssey first instead of Soul Sacrifice.

Well, there are many different games too, but I do want to finish up the games in hands too. Even my Imouto want to play Dynasty Warrior 7 Xtreme Legends instead.

Anyway, let take a quick peek at my new PS Vita, with thanks to my family for this sweet birthday present.

PS Vita S.S. Ver front

Just peeking at it blankly is getting me all very excited to the point of not knowing how to open the box up, or even daring to touch the stuffs inside.

It just like a dream to me when I just received it by hand.

PS Vita S.S. Ver box top

PS Vita S.S. Ver side

Got pretty much of the item to keep a PS Vita is inside the bundle. Not bad for a kick start into PS Vita

Taking the PS Vita out

Pretty nice and neat

PS Vita S.S. Ver bundle

I won't be using the Cleaner cloth and Ear piece only, since I got other in use. As for the pouch, my Imouto said that the material isn't a good one, so I might need to grab one suitable in future, or even a sweet Miku if I had to.

But at the least, everything to start with is here even with a 16 GB Memory. But from what I heard from one of my friends, it seem to him that even 32 GB isn't enough since he got the softcopy of many PS Vita games instead of the hardcopy.

Getting the PS Vita out

Welcome... Well, I stepped into Playstation since the Playstation 1, 2, 3 and PSP, this Vita is going to be a sweet new addition... and maybe I can play PS3 Game in PS Vita via Remote Play.

The graphic isn't bad too.

PS Vita S.S. Ver front

First impression after holding it for the first time (of mine own PS Vita), it just awesome, but the buttons is very small. And I need to cut my nail nicely before playing PS Vita, cos those nail sure get in the way when I playing the game.

Not bad though since my Imouto show her interest in the console too, but she isn't going to grab one herself, she going for 3DS XL instead.

PS Vita S.S. Ver back

Wasn't aware the back also got some touch back effect until I try it out. Just what had I been doing when I played one of my friends' PS Vita?!

Well, now got no excuse to say I don't own one, which may lead to my friends asking me to grab some latest games and playing with them. Just this latest game, Soul Sacrifice is going to take me some times.

Soul Sacrifice

And good thing I got a good start due to the Free DLC that come with it. Funny how I got 2 Free DLC instead, one being inside the games, and additional one is inside the Bundle Set, but it much more than the one inside the games.

Inside the box of PS Vita

Will be experimenting with the PS Vita at a later timing, but placing up my warranty and linking the PS Vita with my PSN account and syncing it with my PS3 are the next step.

Even updating the software and installing some stuffs do take some time before I can actually start to play with it. And that including charging the batteries.

But it do seem that there are many interesting things in PS Vita to try out, so as for now, time to play the game up a bit before reading some Light Novel to relax.  
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