Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 19 May 2013

Just back from a very long walking session with my imouto and we did grabbed a lot of different stuffs, which I will be posting them at a later timing, all mostly from Tuesday.

But a very good walking session instead, but let conclude at what I been up to, or peeked at this week.

What I can do said first of all, was that the weather is so freaky hot, even today. I wonder why I brought my jacket along when wearing it would get me sweating non-stop. In the end just place it at my back and wearing the hoodie, but not wearing the jacket.

The worst thing was having to carry many books after a peeking session at one bookshop which my Imouto went too sometime. Well, we did grabbed a few, and with some nice discount. But the setback was having me carrying a heavy load. If we not taking Taxi back, I would cry due to being too tired.

Anyway, it really been a while since I last post about a shop, and a random post on stuffs.


Figurine / Anime Goods


Random Stuff

Daily Updates 

Toycoin today sadly close on their physical store, but no worry! Their Online shop is still there to service any one who want to grab some nice figurines. Also, I been posting some random facts and stuffs, this time I decided to post a long one one Neko (Cat). Well, if you want to know about my view, idea and comment on Neko, you can take a peek to know more.

But as usual, when I peeked at some nice Manga / Anime, I would post them, and this time, I got a few short and nice Manga to peek, but there will be Anime posting at a later timing. Figurines and Anime goods sure got many nice stuffs to peek on.

Also, I been playing games myself, and currently with my friends. Well, games are really best to play with friends, which you can communicate with each other and team up in a nice and neat way.

Also, helping to train each other is a good way to play games. I do like Co-op more than single player or One-Vs-All. I really the weaker player, but not that weak in the first place.

I can be very tired from walking session, and really want to take a nap without thinking, but it a totally different thing when it come to gaming. But like I once mentioned, I can easily go into Serious Gaming Mode when I just want to focus into the game, especially when I fighting the game boss.

Who like to fail the mission given when you can really finish it once.

In anyway, one last warning, do drink some water, even just a bit. When the weather is hot, your body will lost the moist very fast, and drinking the water is to replenish. Even my Imouto been drinking a lot of water in one shot, though she surprised at the amount she drank.

As for now, maybe some clearing and checking of the stuffs my Imouto and I grabbed with our clean hands before napping.
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