Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Movie Peeking with Imouto and her friend

Today been out to Lot 1 with my Imouto and her friend to watch Iron Man 3, since my imouto got the cards to buy movie tickets at a cheaper price.

And there is also some grabbing and peeking around for my Imouto too. Well, I do peek some stuffs, at the comic connection though.

My Imouto do have some stuffs that she want to buy, and she did ask me if I wanted to watch Iron Man 3 too. It really not bad for the movie story plot, and how things can go wrong from the beginner which led to why all those happened in the end.

Well, I not going to spoil what happen in the movie. And during the walking session, I had to watch for my Imouto to try out some new clothes, bought some accessories, which did caused me to be tired, but when I think about how I did the same during Manga and Light Novel peeking, I just kept quiet.

Also considering that I still got the games not yet finish much and yet I still slowly playing Soul Sacrifice, which take bit more time than I initially thought.

Not bad for the games, which I can slowly take my time to grind and play with. There just many ways to play with the games, just that I need to see which one suit my taste more.

There still some Light Novels to peek into too.

But anyway, it sure been some times since I went to watch Movie, since the only films I watch are those Anime Series, which of course on my TV, and lying comfy on my bed.

Food bite of course are self cook which are more cheaper and tasty since I do know my favor.

Good thing is that if I need to go to the toilet, I can pause the films first which you can't during watching it. But I going to watch the movie with other like my family or friends, then it a different story. Most of the time I watched with my family.

There are times when I watch it alone, and the feeling when there is no one inside except yourself. Ah, the feeling of being the king of the place and watching the movie in anyway you want.

Well, I do choose to watch when it 10 am during a weekday, and one to two week after the release date. There is when there is lesser people going to watch the movie you want to watch.

But if we are going to play some games, then it best to have more people. Even I think that it best to play Soul Sacrifice with friends together.

I just only finish chapter one myself, since I want to grind a bit in the start. And I do prefer to read some light novel to relax, but maybe for now, some anime to peek into first.
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