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Bag Lady

Bag Lady
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Place - Bugis Street Level 2
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One of the places I would went for some Peeking Session with my Imouto would be this little shop at Level 2 of Bugis Street.

Very long ago when Bugis Street was just a normal street fill with people looking for cheaper stuffs and it tend to be crowded, now to think that it got level 2 and level 3, filled with delicious bite, nice bags and stuffs.

Bugis Street is a good place for peeking at stuffs, as there are nice bags, clothes and shoes. You can said that places is very good if you want to know more about fashion. Delicious food bites can also be found there, which it a nice place for window shopping if you with your love one.

It really a good place for both gender, but hey, this Bag Lady is only one of the very few shops in my Imouto's Shopping List.

When I say very less, it really really very very very few. She won't even hesitant to go Plaza Singapura just to buy shoe from DMK shoe shop only. Tell her about some other store, and she will reject most of them.

And this Bag Lady bag shop is one of my imouto's favor after the first bags which my imouto bought from them.

It been over 1 years since then, and yet my imouto still got that bag in her collection, and the thing is, it in almost prefect condition, no dirt even when she used it a lot of times. Also, my Imouto isn't the type to buy stuffs unless it really good and useful.

From what I had peek and touched their bags, the materials from what I can say, is really up to good standard, and the best thing, it's at a reasonable price; SGD 25 to 30 plus at most. There are some cheaper than 20 buck and there are some bit expensive. What really amazed me is how many different design they had in stock.

Their bags are really a good to grab with clean hands, and I heard from them that some of their stock tend to be "out of stock". It not just because their business is good, but what it prove is how good their bag really is.

Even my Imouto got one huge collection of bags, and most of the bags are nice, not just the design, but the usefulness of it.

Why am I saying that?

The reason is simple - When we hold a bags, we only think of them as something to put our stuffs. Later there're something call Fashion to show off the trend of the one holding it.

And those bags in Bag Lady? They got most of them there. Their bags got the nice design, which you can easily match and mix them with your clothes.

The best thing is also there are some with less flashy look, and there are some which is the simple and neat type. Which is why their bags are really good to mix with different clothes you going to wear for the day.

Next is the holding of those bag, they can hand carry, and some got the "sling string" which you can carry them over your should, making them the sling bag instead of hand bag. Some of them can even turned into a normal carry bags over your back.

What do I meant by that?

IF you felt like carry a hang bag, then just carry the handle. But if you're tired and want to carry it over your shoulder, just clip in the sling string to the side of the bags and Voila~ A Sling bag!

They sure make it easy to carry around despite those simple look and design for some.

Materials wise, I would it a good thumbs up, which is very good, with some being the better materials than most shop I peeked.

My Imouto sure know how to keep her bags in top condition, and she tend to use different bags most of the time.

Same go for the shoes, but what she would admit about this shop is that those bags quantity is really good, due to the good materials for the bags, and how useful those bags really are. Also, one look of the bags, they sure can activate those ladies's peeking bags.

For me, I can said that those materials are really really good for that price range. The shop is also crowded full with people when there people who like to take a look at those nice bags. Well, the shop is small that it take about 4 to 5 people to fill it full anyway.

But let put that aside about the space, but there is 2 Bag Lady shop in Bugis Street, and on the same floor. Don't worry if you wonder which one to go to take a peek, both are the same, but some of the display bags are different from each other.

Another option is to visit their site to check out their collection of bags if you don't have the time to go to Bugis.

Though Bag Lady is in Singapore, where many local people would like to grab those lovely bags, Oversea peekers, have no worry for they accept oversea shipping!!

Well, shipment fee still count, but considering those sweet and nice bags, I sure they would made a good collection.

I may be a male who only got 2 bags, but I can tell how great those bags from Bag Lady are, and it no joke as my Imouto had bought a lot of bag from them.

One way to keep them is place them in plastic bags when you're not using them, and made sure your room isn't humid. Moist in the air sure can affect many thing as time go by.

If there is a strain or dirt which you want to clean off, just grab some cleaner cloth (made sure it's a little bit wet but not too wet) and slowly wipe them off.

I used to grab a toothbrush (add a bit of salt) to wipe clean some bags due to the materials, but from what I heard from my Imouto, she doesn't clean them, which made those material of the bag really good. Well, you can check with the Bag Lady staff for more in how to keep a bags clean if you want.

Some Photo of the bags

Bag Lady 4

What always amazed me is how those simple looking design can look so fashionable and presentable, which can easily match with some clothes.

They are not plain from what I see, and those bags sure got their usefulness. Don't worry about the color, they do offer some other color of the same bags - Just remember to ask them for help and assistance; the staffs are very friendly too.

Bag Lady 5

This bag materials is really one of the best. They might get dirty easily or hard to wash, but you can ask the staff for assistance on how to take care of those bags. One you used it, you will likely hook to just using it.

My Imouto and Mother love this type of bags, as the color do made the bags more presentable when you carrying it out for walking or to work.

Also, most of the bags are either close by zipper, or by clip which made them easily for the one who carry them open them up. Some bags got both the zipper and clip to open / close them. It depend on which one you choosing.

Bag Lady 7

They got many different varies of bags, from some about the size of your palm to some bigger to put in tablet or small laptop. You can see how those different bags can look so neat and simple, and yet so nice.

Male customers can even come and peek if they grabbing something for their love one or their mother. From what I know, those bags really suit many people - Those bags are neat and simple, and some which are flashy and some that is of good quantity.

My Mother don't really wear up nicely or pretty, but buying those bags at shopping mall doesn't suit her taste at all, but she prefer those design from Bags Lady. Like I said before, those bags really strangely can suit many people.

Maybe other than male, maybe in future they might release bags for male? One can never know, only time will tell.

Bag Lady 6

Well, if you really want to know more about those bags from Bag Lady, then head over to their website to peek an know more about their bags on stock. The Staffs are really friendly, so don't hesitant to ask them for assistance or to know which type of bags they can offer you with.
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