Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Rubber Mat

There is another great anime item to be use as a decoration, or to use it since it a nice item.

The Rubber Mat which many commonly known it as a mouse mat, or for some, the foot mat in car. But we are not going to step on them, but more like going to display them on the hiding spot.

Those Rubber Mat are around the good size of a mouse mat, but there are some who use it for other purpose, like opening some caps off a can / jar, placing hot plate on top.

But I don't think one would like those characters to felt the hotness of the food you gonna eat, just that peeking at them is also good for the eye too. But this time we are looking at some rubber mat from 2 different Maker, Broccoli and BushiRoad.

I am well aware that many know of the BushiRoad for Cardfight Vanguard and Weiß Schwarz, but do not mistaken Broccoli for the vegetable one, even when the brand name is the same; There is a store in Japan that is of that name.

Those Rubber Mat are of about 50cm by 35cm, which would mean that you can use them as a card fight mat if you want to, and do not mind the size of it.

Or you can just use them as a standard mouse mat if you prefer.

Character Rubber Mat @Amiami

Sword Art Online
Maker - Broccoli
-Asuna & Kirito
Maker - Bushiroad
-Kirito & Asuna

Angel Beat
Maker - Broccoli
-Tenshi Ver.1
-Tenshi Ver.2
-Yuri & Tenshi
Maker - Bushiroad

Vividred Operation
Maker - Bushiroad
-Akane & Aoi

If you take a look at the size of each mat made by the 2 different brand, you would noticed that they just a little different in size only. But it still depend on which design you would prefer or to collect with, but some would go for Bushiroad due to it more cheaper price at about 700 -  800 Yen lesser than Broccoli.

I using the Razer Goliathus Extend Size which is a better usage for me when I playing games, and there are time when I did think it too big, if not for it being the right length for my desk.

But having those Rubber Mat aren't just to open a hard to open Jar Cap, place hot plate on top or using it as a normal Mouse Mat only.

They are great for Decoration too, just that you might find a poster that is more pop out than other "flat" poster that you place on your wall, wardrobe ceiling or anywhere. And there are some who buy it as a collection to keep too.

I do know a few that bought them as a set and just hide them somewhere in their hiding spot. Even I do have a few set which I keep and think of displaying them, and end up forgetting about them until I take them out.

What I find it amazing it that some go for the sweet Oppai Mouse Mat than the Rubber Mat for some, and some who want to be "good" in front of other, would use the normal Rubber Mat. Well, there is some who use both, secretly using the Oppai mouse mat when no one around than use the Rubber Mat as default.

Honestly saying, I do not have an Oppai Mouse Mat, so I do not know how it would felt to have one. In any cases, do you have a Rubber Mat, or do you want to grab one with you clean hands?
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