Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preparing for Breakfast and Walking Session

Well, the only thing I always wonder is why I can't sleep nicely and wake up at the right time. Meaning to say that I tend to overslept myself.

But still I need to wake up early to cook some fresh pancake with scrambled eggs for myself and Imouto to bite for breakfast.

Well, it not a problem for me to cook, which at times I do want to have a normal breakfast from normal and other than those oily food at the market.

I do like to eat them like the Roti prata and the fried noodles, but can't have those oily food for daily. Pancake else, just one or two drop of oil is enough. Got my own way of cooking pancake, and previously it was sometime that I actually forgotten the way of cooking pancake.

Like adding too much milk and knowing the right temperature to cook the pancake.

This time those pancake look more presentable and more tasty. If you're wondering how I can have the right color for one side of the pancake.

It simple, just heat the wok / pan to high, then remove it from heat for a few seconds and pour the pancake mix in at low temperature / fire.

But somehow my imouto like it when I just cooked them in high and fast too. I do prefer that as easy way out, but let just say that I trying out some other way, and at least the color look more nicer.

Couldn't get a small bottle of maple syrup, which was why I just use bit of butter to wipe the top of each pancake. At least they still tasty, and the reason why I add scrambled eggs was that my imouto like it. I do want to add in some sausages / honey-baked ham as bonus.

If you ask me, I prefer to go with Ham and made a ham and scrambled burger with the pancake being the "buns" Well, anyway, I do need to go out on a simple and short walking session, which mainly is to peek at some other stuffs. Well, can't stay too much inside my hiding spot for now.
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