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Mada's Figurines Report 6 March 2013

Well, it would seem that there are many character figurines this week which most of them are my favor.

I do stare at my figurines in a while to refresh my peeking eye and improving it eyesight. And since the girls are so cute, I tend to have a weird face expression.

I do want to wonder what face I made, but let take a peek at this week figurines.

First off, the powerful Magical Girl Duo are in their powerful form, especially for their Devices.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Figma @Amiami
-Nanoha Takamachi Exelion Mode ver.
-Fate Testarossa Blaze Form ver.

I did peek at the first and second series of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha a few times, and during my youth. The changes for Nanoha wasn't much, but the device did have a different forms.

Nanoha's Costume didn't have much changes than Fate, which I wonder what with the White Cloak when I do remember it was Black.

But even so, the new form of the costume did gave me a fresh feeling as I do know there are improved version of the previous series.

Since this 2 are in the form of Figma, you can ask them to do some powerful action and pose.

Both do have their powerful device in their ultimate form which are ready to fire and strike down anyone that cross their path. Of all the Magical girl series, this would be one of my favor. I did peek at this Anime since I was young. (´ω`★)

Well, it would seem that someone decide to take it ride and join the Black Rock Shooters Gang.

BRS Anime Nendoroid @Amiami
-Chariot with Mary
-Dead Master
-Black Rock Shooter

If you're wondering who the hell Mary is; That the name of Chariot's tank. Creepy if you ask me.

Well, it isn't wrong to call a creepy tank with a cute name, and some would say that Mary look cute.

In any, Chariot is the third of the TV Anime of Black Rock Shooter to be out, which would made either Strength or Black Gold Saw to be in the Nendoroid list.

They do look many times cuter when they are in the Nendoroid Form, which I really want to grab them as a complete set. What would made me wonder is that whether if Chariot will ride about in my hiding spot with her Mary.

Look like there is one Rabbit that is hopping around and about.

Black Rabbit (Mondaiji) @Amiami
-Pink Hair Version
-Blue Hair Version

Depending on your choice, there are 2 version of Black Rabbit, Blue Hair when she is normal, Pink when she in peak form.

I would prefer the Pink hair, but her blue hair also very pretty too. But should Black Rabbit appear with her pink hair, then you better be careful. She did tie with the powerful Izayoi who can do massive damage with a flick of his finger.

And you don't get to see a lot of figurines who stand on no legs. Her hopping pose is very nice and there is the mini skirt but you can see what under there. So if you want to know what her panties is, then maybe you can try to grab one and peek. The mystery is still lingering there.  (*≧▽≦)

If you want powerful girl and with some Armor on top, then Infinite Stratos might be a choice.

Infinite Stratos @Amiami
-Shenlong x Huang Lingyin
-Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott
-Schwarzer Regen x Laura Bodewig

This times Rin had join in, but it would seem that she get a sold out very fast. What got me wonder is that how can those girls look so nice.

And Rin got her 2 powerful Sabre and Shenlong who is ready to strike down anyone with the cannon. Only Houki and Charlotte is left.

Though the five of them are the famous group, for those who follow the Light Novels will be aware of the other girls with their own personal IS and being with the Main Characters. Well, it did have a harem sense in the story, and I do like to peek into the anime once in a while. Just that maybe having the girls flying around in the hiding spot might be a good idea.

But if you want them to be in their school uniform, them maybe you can grab the Nendoroid.

Infinite Stratos Nendoroid @Amiami
-Cecilia Alcott
-Houki Shinonono

Cecilia had decided to take the step next, and it would seem that Good Smile Company is releasing the girls in according to who appear early from the Series.

For someone who is very graceful and yet a scary cook, Cecilia do have her nice smiling face expression which is a good caught.

Moreover is that she do seem excited to take a peek at your hiding spot. But beware should she take her sandwiches with her, many who taste her cooking will have a stomach upset, and many other effects.

If you want some other students, then I do have a few peek here.

Ayase Aragaki (Thanatos Ver.) [OreImo] @Amiami

One of Kirino's friends and a model on top, it would seem that she do get embarrass from wearing that. And to think that she hate Otaku.

Anyway she is going to be wearing that cosplay when you grab her and also with her embarrassed face expression.

But aside that, this figurines got it nice details and look, so if you want a pretty girl to cosplay and pose for you, maybe you can grab this.

Remember, she still a student.

But if you want a girl who is in her uniform, then this might be a good choice.

Hidamari Sketch Figma @Amiami

Miyako is got her rice with her, so it will take a while before she will join Yuno. But since this is Figma, you can expect her to do many nice pose too.

That still including her eating her bowl of rice happily too. Well, maybe she do need to enjoy it a lot more before letting her do the pose.

She can do a nice hop since the stand can support her.

Ah, here another of my favor characters, and this time I do list her different mode out, but there still lack of one more.

Sakuya (Shining Series) @Amiami
-Noir Mode
-Crimson Mode
-Cerulean Mode

The Noir Mode is the one on the photo, which is her standard mode, but I do like her Cerulean Mode due to her costume and being the healer on top too.

Still, her other mode are also powerful which is why she my favor characters. If you want to get hit by her, then grab her. If you want her to pose only, grab her still. If you want her only, Grab her!!

Other than that, the design and details of the three costume aren't that easy, which I will give my praise to the maker. The details of the dress are so nice, I still remember how the Cerulean mode look like when I was peeking at the Figurines shop I peek once. But problem was I didn't bring enough cash to grab it. (T▽T)

For those who love a cute girl wearing a neko band, then this can be a nice choice.

Mirai (Senran Kagura) @Amiami

The girls of Senran Kagura sure are all pretty and sexy. Which is why the figurines are also very nice.

What can be a problem is that they don't look like Ninja, or any powerful looking, which is why many tend to lower their guard and get hit by them.

The anime did show many nice fan service which is very health for the peeking eye, and moreover the story plot isn't that bad too.

I like how the story can be bit of comedy and the life of slice when the girls are on a break of not fighting around. But aside that, having their figurines out can be a good times to grab them too.

Those girls are very powerful ninja who also their good point and bad points.

Hibari (Senran Kagura) @Amiami

But started out with a Games type, having the Anime can be a fresh feeling which you don't get to expect much from the game.

I can admit that I do play the game to stare at those nice cute girls myself, but the games is under the RPG Genre, which my prefer type of game too.

I did come across this game by chance, but having to peek at this Anime instead was a whole new level. They do have the fighting action to be nicely done, and the transformation to be more epic than you expected at first.

Even if they are ninja, doing the magical girl style transformation can be unexpecteed too.

But what got me unexpected was having a character from a Light Novel to be out in a figurines.

Kirihime Natsuno @Amiami

The story was about how a guy die from trying to flirt with a killer and becoming a dog. And the only person who can talk to him is this girl, Kirihime.

She got a fetish for Scissor, so if you want a hair cut, then you can ask her for help. Just that if there something wrong, don't come finding me.

You don't get to have much figurines from just Light Novels only, well, there is the Manga, but I didn't peek into it as I was unable to find it, online screening site nor at book shop yet.

And even when the Anime is given the green light, having a figurine done out nicely isn't easy, like how the details of her clothes, or how her scissor look like.

Another girls from a light novels also down here.

Sena Kashiwazaki (Odoriko ver.) @Amiami

She is also one of my favor character, but having to peek at her revealing body, I got stunned for a few moment and a nosebleed.

If you looking for a dancer, or someone to stare at, then this is a good choice to have. Moreover Sena got a nice body out of the gang, on top she is an rich young girl.

She is engaged to the main male character which is yet to be reveal in the anime, but is nearly that part of the story. Wonder what it would be like when the next episode out.

Well, maybe Sena is revealing too much which got me wondering what to say about this but I can give praise to the Maker instead.

Maybe it because it nearly to midnight and I was too tired, but let close this week figurines with the usual Swimsuit girl.

Manaka Komaki @Amiami
-Regular Swimsuit
-White Swimsuit

It would depend on what face expression or color of her swimsuit you want. But the water hose still there to aim at you so you can get wet.

For a simple figurines, this is pretty nice to stare at, and she do pose nicely. Wonder if she can aim that water hose and give me nice wash instead.

Well, I did want to post on one Series of Manga, but since it getting late, I do need to take an early nap so I can do the important task at hands. But staring at figurines sure is nice for the peeking eyes.

So is there any favor characters figurines which you would like grab?
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