Monday, March 4, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 4 March 2013

Felt like doing a quick nap, but didn't noticed that I was almost take a long trip to Dreamland.

But anyway, this week we will be peeking a few collection of item from a few series. And they so useful, look good with, and top of it, simple.

Anime Stuffs can be seem as Stuffs that got anime characters on them. On other hand, they are stuffs with Fans of the Anime and Manga would like to have.

Some collect, some uses them, some show off, while some buy them to decorate the home or admire them.

Well, first common thing, is always the keychain but there are also other common thing too.

But having a key chain can be a nice and good thing as it differ your key from other. If other people using the same keychain as you, then that it for you.

Which is why there are so many different key chain.

Sword Art Online Emblem Keychain @Amiami

Sword Art Online still one of my favor series, and now with the Anime out, there are starting to having many peekers who peeking into the Manga and the Origin; Light Novels.

Still, having to take a look at the face of the favor characters on the key chain can help to let you know which set is your key. If you're looking for someone to look or stare at, also just stare at your key chain.

Other people might mistake your set if you have the set same as them, so be careful if that happen.

Another nice towel to get would be the sport towel, but what got me wonder if this 2 different towel should be grab together.

Sword Art Online Sports Towel @Amiami
-Asuna [SAO]
-Asuna [ALO]

At first I was wondering whom hands both Asuna are holding, until I noticed they both holding each other hands.

They are really there to support you when you're out on a run alone. Well, they are on your shoulders when you place your sport towel. Just that you can choose either of them, and both are still Asuna.

Or you can grab both and sew them together into one. They both look good to be place together, but there are some who like the SAO or the ALO. If I can choose and there such a real game, I might go for SAO.

But flying in ALO isn't a bad idea, and using Gun in GGO is also great. Well there are many different series that slowly coming out.

What I would really need would be coin pouch for now.

Sword Art Online Coin Case @Amiami

What else would I place all my coin in? Wallet?

It would surely get my wallet fatter, but placing the coins in a different pouch is much better. So far I had seem many people choosing to place their coin into their pocket.

If there is a hole, that is. But placing it in a coin pouch can be easier to take the coin out. Just don't place too much coins, nor too little of them.

Just a right amount of each coins is enough.

Sometime, if you want to have a picture of some girls with you, then there is some useful stuff which you can consider using.

Senran Kagura @Amiami
-IC Card Case
-A3 Clear Poster

If you prefer the poster, then the links is there too for your to decide which you want to have.

Having a card case to place your card can be a nice thing, since it better looking then the plain normal one. And those girl sure know how to pose nicely. But if you want the poster to cover the plain old wall, then there is the poster to choose with.

Well, it your choice, and you can just grab both and be done with it.

At the start I did say that key chain are very nice, but this one can be also be your choice too.

Busou Shinki Carabiner @Amiami

It can store more key then a normal key chain, and you can even hook on to different key chain to it, especially other Anime key chain if you want. It really great to chain up all those key chain you store up and show them off in one shot.

But having too much might be a problem, so just a few key chain with your own key and that is. And you can hook it onto your bag or your belt if you want.

Well, with that said, there are still many different item I do want to show, but let take the less here and end with some nice stuffs, with the famous Totoro on them.

My Neighbor Totoro @Amiami
-Boxed Tissue Case
-Laundry Bag
-Storage Box M
-Storage Box S

A Laundry Bag!? Ok that did gave me surprise since I never expect that to be in the list of Anime Goods. But the classic Totoro in those Tissue Case and Storage Box are really nice. You can dream of them, or stare at them, wish them to watch over you, or you wanting a sight of them.

But that isn't enough, what we want is to hug one.

My Neighbor Totoro - Single Sofa @Amiami

I really want to just sit on this one if I can. You don't get to have something nice to sit on, and especially when it is Totoro himself.

It might be too comfy to the point that you might sleep on it, but from the Movie itself, the little girl did find Totoro flurry enough to sleep on. I really want to hug him.

Even when I went to Studio Ghibli there myself, there is one big Totoro which I really want to hug but had to bare the temptation.

Well, I did grab one Totoro for my mum after that. But this single sofa might be might be a little over kill. It did cost 20,000 Yen too.

As far as I peeked, is there any simple useful Anime Goods which you want to grab with?
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