Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Napping till lost track of time


To think that I taken a little nap to the point that I lost track of time for a few times. Well, I am unwell due to the weather for a few days, but still not that worst.

Just that I need to take a nap when I need it. I do peek into Manga and Light Novels when I not sleeping. Still there are some interesting Anime which I going to finish peeking before the new Season starting.

Also, there are plans for Walking Session, but what I doubt is that I will be outside for too long, which may reduce it to A little walking trip.

Having a walking session can be tiring, especially when I am unwell, and it will depend how my health is.

Wait, I do sound like an old man going die myself.. Well, I'm not, so don't worry about it. Just that resting is the best way. I do wonder if sleeping more will help me much though, since my Imouto can sleep for 16 hours straight.

Well, I do heard there are some who are able to sleep for very long too.

Still, having some time to take a little peek at cute thing are very important. I do want to dream about cute stuff myself.

A pleasant dream is important because nightmare just going to disturb my napping. Sometime I wonder about having dream though. Cos pleasant dream do made me sleep much longer and until I forgot the timing especially when I need to wake up earlier.

The best would be dreaming about myself in the Anime world, so for now, time for an early napping to jump into Dreamland and waking up early tomorrow.

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