Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stepping into Tera Online

I been playing Tera Online for some time now, which really costed me to stop most of the stuffs I doing, like reading Manga and watching Anime.

I still got some PS3 games to finish up but getting heading into this game isn't all that bad.

Just that I need some time to train and doing the quests. But still, I need to some blogging myself.

Well, the problem for me is that my Graphic Card isn't all that good, with I really want to grab some of the latest graphic card to use on my computer, but getting a new one might be the better option.

The next thing I need to do, which I mentioned in my previous post, is to do some rearrangement of the furniture in my room. Isn't easy from what I expected. I really did wish this was like playing Pokemon where you just place and move the furniture or stuffs anywhere I like.

Most Anime had, or will be ending their Season this week, which mean that the Anime for next Season will be staring their Flight, and I still yet to peek finish into most of the current myself.

I not really doing any Anime blogging here, but I might want to do some repeated posting of the same anime, since some of them aren't what I expected from the first post.

If what I said and predicted in the first place is true, that there is something wrong, unless I peeked into the light novel or Manga if there any. Well, I did peeked into some myself, and it would seem that some series which I peeked like Hataraku Maousama! and Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi will staring their Flight, but the first one is confirmed.

Peeking into Light Novel take more time than Manga, and there are a few more in my bookshelf which I yet to finish peeking into. But for now, I been addicted to playing Tera Online, since the quests are all kind of easy at first, and nice to play. Not to mention that the graphic still nice even when my graphic card is of low spec.

So for now, maybe some peeking into Manga before playing the game.
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