Monday, March 18, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 18 March 2013

Seem that there are a few nice figurines up for grabbing, but now that I noticed, it seem like this week we will be peeking at some strong and powerful girls.

No worry about it since they are all very pretty and cute too. So let take a peek first.

First off, sitting on a nice big Ice Cream is Melty but don't worry about the Ice Cream melting off.

Melty Granite @Amiami

It do seem that the Ice Cream is at a nice biting size, with Melty sitting on top of it. She is of course who like to make delicious Ice Cream, if you played the series or watch the anime before.

Even if she wearing a witch costume, she still very cute too. But do take note that she is known as the witch and she can be very powerful too. I wonder if she can make me some Ice Cream first.

I do need some one to help me keep my hiding spot clean too.

Nyarlathotep @Amiami

The powerful yet beautiful Alien can be someone who you would want to ask for help. She do like Anime and stuffs, so after cleaning up the room, she may peek into Anime with you.

Wearing the nice Maid costume sure suit her nicely, and she got that cute face expression. Also seem like she can change it back to a normal smiling face.

I do like how she pose where she doesn't look dangerous. Just that I wondering where would she hide all her close combat weapons.

She can be a nice bodyguard on top to her Maid skills.

Or you can have someone who is an assassin to hide in your shadows and protect you.

Irma @Amiami

The Queen Blade Series never fail to amaze me on showing powerful and pretty girls. But anyway Irma do wear very little.

Not sure if too much clothing will limit the body movement or what, but she can give me a few seconds stun before getting me out.

She is a strong close range fighters and she is skillful on top of her pretty. Problem is that she is trained till to the point of being cold.

Make sure you got a Cute Neko with you if you encounter her. Spare her the cat as the bait and run off if your the target. As for me? I don't know where to stare at all.

Another good bodyguard would be a wide and powerful Samurai.

Masazumi Honda @Amiami

I got stunned for a few moment which made me wonder if dropping her pants is to let me guard down. But anyway she got a long skirt on, so maybe there was a strong wind blowing it up.

Still, it best not to cross her since she is a powerful samurai, and a pretty on top of it.

But I do need to give the praise to the Maker cos the first I stare is at her dropping pant. I do want to grab this but I think I might get a lot of nose bleed if I really do.

Good thing she isn't holding to any weapons and look harmless, if she do have one, I would need to have a shield with me.

But there is someone who have many weapons with her.

Mu-12 (Noel) @Amiami

Mu 12 is a powerful weapons and she is very powerful even when she is Noel. I do prefer her holding on to her 2 guns instead.

Worst case is that her blade will cut you up if you're not careful enough. Still having such nice detail isn't easy which earn my praise. I also like how she pose too.

Really Ready to Strike down anyone in her path. I wonder how did Ragna defend himself against her but not getting stun due to her revealing body.

She do take in order, but I don't think she is someone to cross against with.

Nor another girl whose body itself is a weapon.

Golden Darkness @Amiami

Able to change any part of her body into a weapons, and her most common one is making use of her hair instead.

This time she taking a dip in the swimming suit, so try not to stare at her too much. You might earn yourself a great hit from her weapons.

However she do look cute and nice, which a normal person who doesn't know her will not even think of her as a weapon. Rita been there done that when he first meet Yami.

I also trying not to stare at her for too much, cos I don't like getting hit.

Another girl also taking a dip into the swimming pool.

Taiga Aisaka @Amiami

She is well known and she is also powerful even if she is just a normal person. Her temper isn't something to cross with too.

But somehow this figurines look so cute which I almost forget that it was Taiga. Just made sure you don't say anything wrong in front of her and you'll survive.

She is the Palm top Tiger afterall.

Well, those girls that we peeked together are sure cute and pretty, even when they are powerful and strong.

So, which of them do you prefer?
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