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Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Sōma
Souma's Cooking

Creator - Yuto Tsukuda

Series - Manga
Drawn by Shun Saeki
(Well known as "tosh" who drawn Harem Time [Hentai])

Published in Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha
0 Volumes [Ongoing]
[New Series | 13 Chapters so far]

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Story start with Yukihira Souma losing to his dad, Yukihira Jouichirou in a cooking contest, having losing nearly 500 times, but the main winner is the one who get to eat the tasty food.

Jouichirou open a small restaurant which serve food specialty for the day, and what Souma isn't aware is that his dad is a famous cook which many famous people loves.

One thing for sure, Souma learnt the way of experimenting with his cook, and learning from cooking failure from his dad. Many cooking skills and knowledge were taught to him since young which he had admitted that he had enter the kitchen and hold the knife at the age of 3, which many other didn't.

What Souma wanted was to surpass his dad and work full time in the restaurant as the chef after graduating from middle school.

In the first chapter, he had shown his culinary skills, which he apply cooking and food knowledge to defend his dad's shop from being sold off for building development.

But what unexpected, was that Jouichirou decided to go oversea to work, which he explained as helping his friend instead. And so, he decided to close the shop 2 to 3 years and to send Souma to an elite cooking school where only less than 10% of the students graduate; Tootsuki Academy.

Meaning to say; many either fail the entrance exam, get drop out forcefully, or unable to graduate as the 10%.

Souma had no full idea that Jouichirou was travelling the world to cook for other, which many people were happy that he was back. His food were so delicious that it can force a priest on a hunger strike to undo the promise not to eat.

If Souma is unable to graduate from the school, then he should give up on his desire or dream of surpassing over his dad. Jouichirou promised to send him some money while Souma attend the school.

But the thing is, since he a person who never care important stuffs, he tend to just rash in and do his stuffs. Even during the Entrance Exam where all the students except him are rich or well known family, all just run off when they found out who the tester was.

The granddaughter of the Tootsuki Academy director, Nakiri Senzaemon, and well-known for her God's tongue, Nakiri Erina was the tester of the Entrance Exam.

Should the food not satisfy her taste bud, they will not be able to be well known as a chef, and the main cooking was Egg as the main ingredients.

With this, all the students who want to enter the food just run off without trying. But Souma take her on and cook a simple meal, but with many steps of cooking.

Due to his personality in teasing Erina, they did go off with a bad start and despite having his food gotten Erina's taste buds, Souma was given the Failure sign. But he still get into the school when his cooking was eaten by nope other than Senzaemon.

On the Orientation, being the only one who take and pass the Entrance Exam, Souma had declared that he will take the school as a stepping stone, which earn him a bad reputation, the anger and dismay from Erina, and the awareness of himself.

At first Senzaemon did say that many of the students are stepping stone for the Elite Students chef, and he like how Souma have the same thinking.

At first, due to his declaration, many students aim to sabotage his cooking, and it didn't take long - His first cooking lesson.

At first he wasn't aware of other type of food, but he had display knowledge of cooking, and on food which he was able to save his dish from getting a failure and earning the top of his class.

Even the teacher, Roland Chapelle, who known to give only an "A" or "Fail" for cooking and never smile, praised Souma for his culinary skills and smile for the first time which shocked many other.

He also passed the cooking test before he can get into his dorm using only leftover, which his classmate, Tadokoro Megumi took 3 month to pass. She also the only one being in the last place and earning herself a free drop out if she fail again.

The Academy is also being taken care by top 10 Students Chef, which Erina is no doubt in it. She also go around closing down other cooking club when the club president can only challenge her and lost.

That did strengthen her reputation as the Granddaughter of the Food Demon. Due to their bad start and impression, Erina did wanted to get Souma in trouble and get him kick out of school, but he did went and defeated one of her people using cheap ingredients and his culinary skills.

What he wanted was to improve his cooking and to get Erina's acknowledge of his culinary. And due to his Declaration, and with his culinary being known to be way better than most of the student, top students are taking more notice of him, including the top 10 student Chef, the Elite Ten.

The seventh seat holder, Isshiki Satoshi, who stayed in the same Dorm as him, did acknowledge Souma's cooking even when he was holding back on his culinary skills. Erina's cooking were display a few times, or even mentioned as the best, which her aim was to graduate as the only top. Well, that did crash with Souma's aim too since he also want to be the top.

Souma didn't even hesitant to challenge Satoshi for the seventh seat since he wanted to be fully acknowledge as the top. And so, his path to be the top still far away since this series did shown the potential to be another long Series. But how far this will go will only wait.

What Erina can't acknowledge Souma's culinary skills was mainly due to his food all seem normal even when the taste is at top notch. But at the start, his dad had display his skills where his food not only being top notch, but also having art in his cooking.

Elite Chef must not only apply knowledge on Culinary, Good tasting food, but also Art and display of the food, which Souma mainly lack on, but they still look presentable though.

Due to Jouichirou's teaching, Souma did apply many culinary skills but interestingly, Souma's isn't aware what is the name of those cooking skills he learnt, which he just only apply them whenever he need to.

I really wonder how the story path will head, which I do recommend the peeking of into this Manga. Well, you don't get to see much cooking manga, and since the Drawer was well known of some Hentai Manga, there are indeed nice both Man and Woman being shown near Naked, but not as much as To-love Ru.

I will give credit to the Drawer for his Arts, and the Creator for this nice Manga story. There aren't much new series which earn my Peeking Eye to peek into them.

Well, the way when those who eat very delicious food will get turn on, arouse, or felt like they are in paradise can be kind of over the head, but surely, you get the point that those food are nice to bite on, even if they aren't real.

Maybe you can try out those cooking methods yourself and try, but I don't guarantee the same taste, or feeling. Well, the way the art were drawn, it did took me by surprise when I noticed how Erina was look like; I did peek into Harem Time once, and remember how the Eye of a female character look like Erina.

If you want to know how I peek into Harem Time, it was by some funny luck and chances. But don't worry about this Manga, it somehow safe, but guidance for lower age is still needed.

I really wonder how this story will head into, so far as I peeked, do you want to show off your cooking and crush other chef in Shokugeki no Soma?
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