Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reading Manga on a raining day

My Whole family are all watching their own favor Anime or Drama, but for me, I reading some manga since I grabbed a few with my clean hand.

Better still would be the nice rainy late afternoon which made it a nice prefect weather to sleep on. I wish it rain at night instead, but it not bad to cool off the hot weather.

Just got planning for my room furniture, but I still need to do some rearrangement beforehand.

I been playing Tera Online since I was trying to catch up to my friend's current level, and it isn't easy to chiong to that level myself. But I still playing it since it really not bad. I even stop my PS3 games to play this one.

I was going to peek on some other games to check out more. But think I need to focus on one first. After which I might go and finish up my PS3 games, since I need to return the games back to my friends.

But reading Manga or Light Novel also take up some of my timing, and I did wonder if my sleeping would be lessen. And to think that I need to paste some Wall paper up in my room for now.

Yes, real normal wall paper for the back of the book shelf. And maybe my room when I got the timing. But since I going for the moving of furniture, I need to reconsider some point.

With the cool weather of now, I think I need to go take a nice shower before getting back into playing Tera online.
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