Monday, April 1, 2013

Upgrading the current computer

As I mentioned yesterday, I did went out on a quick walking session to grab 4 new thing to upgrade my current computer.

Of course the current one was at a budget of SGD $600, which is on the low end spec.

How low can it get? ASUS P8H61-M Pro Motherboard with an I3 2100 Core processor. Also was running an Graphic card which doesn't need any power from the power supply.

Able to play games with this spec was enough to amaze my friend.

Getting a better Graphic Cards is fine even if the processor and motherboard is of lower spec. I did learnt a lesson that the graphic cards is the important factor in gaming than the mother and processor. Of course getting a better processor and motherboard can give a better performance, but for the current budget of SGD $400, it was all I can squeeze out with.

And it a good choice and decision made when getting this Graphic card, I can play game at better images than the old one I was using. Still, amazed at how that old graphic card that don't run on power supply able to play games.


The old Computer Case was a Cool Master Case with an inbuilt Power Supply, but with the decision of changing a new graphic card, I made the choice of having to change the case. One good thing is that it had better management than the old one.

Plus I don't know how the Unker at Sim Lim Square did my computer, the wire just fly everywhere. The current new one was did by my friend, which he did a better job with the wiring. Although the window panel still can see some wire, it way better than the old one where all the wire just hanging around.

And the case outer surface is very nice to touch with my Clean hand.


Having a Case without a power supply is very weird, since the computer do need some electricity to run with. So having an SeaSonic Modular Power Supply is the way to go, since it more cheaper than other brand. Plus it also better with the Modular Power Supply, with got a better wire management. The old inbuilt one really did have many wire flying and hanging around.

And for the Processor, though it might sound funny, weird and/or stupid; I got a Corsair Liquid Cooling H60 to cool off the current I3 Processor. Originally my processor was running at max 60 degrees which is very high. Plus when my friend replace the old Intel cooling fan with the new liquid cooler, we were shocked to know the thermal compound was dried out.

Good thing having to add in the liquid cooler, which now the processor running at a lower temperature, and good for gaming. I3 processor still able to run Games if you're not aware.


Taking out the stuffs and fixing it back on a new case wasn't easy. Well, the only new driver that need to install is just the Graphic Card. Other are fix. Also my friend did a good job with the computer. Though I don't have any LED lighting inside. Maybe in future when I got the budget again.

But I might just upgrade the motherboard and processor instead.


The new Case is bit taller than the old one, but the length is strangely shorter.

But that didn't stop me from placing my Vocaloid Collection on top of it; I do need to peek at those cute little Vocaloid to improve my Peeking Eyes.


The old graphic card did enable me to play Tera, but at a lower spec. So the model and the background wasn't that sharp or smooth.

Also the frame rate was at a lower digit. But when the new graphic card get in.


This happen. More smoother and sharper. At least I can play Tera with the current spec, so it also mean that I can play other games with better graphic. I do have to admit that playing games with smoother animation and better.

With that saying, so for now, time for me to start out some gaming.
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