Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 2 April 2013

We going to start peeking at some "dark" girl before going into the cute and pretty one.

What and why Dark? Well, they aren't that dark with darkness, but their costume just really fit them in with the Darkness.

In anyway, we sure got some powerful one, so let take a quick and short peek.

First off, A girl who was the Dark King.

Kuroyukihime @Amiami

You can either let Kuroyukihime get hug by her Accel world Avatar, or let her pose as her self.

I do prefer her getting hug instead as it give a more cooler image, but if you just prefer her alone, then go for the second one. She is the dark king who is not only powerful, but a deadly one since her weapons are all on her own body.

But if we need some darkness, then there should be some spirit first.

Mei Misaki @Amiami

She do give me the fear, which I do need to give praise to the Maker for giving her the scary look.

Looking near is fine, but image when she is one dark corner, and you looking at her. I not going to image that in my mind right after having waken from a sweet dream.

But if she is the angel spirit, then I fine with that.

Another thing that common with darkness would be the devil and demon.

Yozora Mikazuki @Amiami

I wonder how or why she wearing that as a cosplay, but considering that, you might think her as a demon instead, but she can remove her horn if you want to.

For someone who hate to show off her body that much, she is revealing a lot with the current cosplay.

And having that face expression seem to suit her well.

Just that she lack a wing or a tail to tall it off.

Some uses darkness as an energy, but some give the image that she is of the dark type.

Gisen Yagyu @Amiami
-Regular Edition
-Magan Ver

She got a dark sadistic personality, and she is one powerful samurai on top of that.

You might not see much from the regular edition, but the Magan version might show that out. Interestingly, I wasn't able to see her weapons that clear which should be a scissor like blade.

You will need to see it up close, but try not to get cut by her.

If you don't want a dark samurai, but a ninja hiding in the dark, well there is a ninja here.

Katsuragi @Amiami

She more like the close combat fighter which been the only Ninja show who love to show off much from what I know.

And she isn't wearing a bra and yet she love to show her oppai. Well thank for the Eye candy.

Anyway, Ninja are the one hiding in the shadow, but I think you might want to see her in the light instead.

While there dark, there is light, so let take a peek one girl who hold that power.

Sasami Tsukuyomi @Amiami

Interestingly, she got the power of Amaterasu and she is an Hikikumori herself, but she did gave me the image of a dreamer. Maybe it due to her hat and the way she dress.

Well, she do have powerful magic and able to summon gods herself, but she do know how to use a laptop on top of that.

Talk about a high tech god, but she is a normal girl if you know the story.

Next to light would be bright, and there one girl who sure is cheerful.

Akane Isshiki @Amiami

She got her own transport if you wondering what that bike looking thing is.

From what I see, she sure have a cheerful and bright personality, and she do have a cute face expression.

She might be too cheerful to the point that she might jump up high if we don't watch out for her. But even so, she is very powerful on her.

Well, enough for some Dark with a little Light, or I will revert back to my Dark and Light which was like a few years ago.

So let take a few peek at some pretty girl who reveal nicely, but not all.

Tamaki Kosaka @Amiami

She is posing nicely on a table while listening to some music, but I wonder what with the Ballad Version in the title at first.

Getting that small table to fit into any hiding spot might not be a problem, but it only for her to sit on.

Even go for some dip in the swimming pools, I wonder if cat would love the water in the first place.

Rin Natsume @Amiami

Seem like the Cat lover got her white Neko with her while she wearing a cute white swimsuit herself.

Well, I not sure if she will be bringing that same cat she holding into the swimming pools, but she can give you the nice wink expression.

Sure can have a bright day if you peek at her everyday in the morning. And also improving the peeking eye.

But if you want some darkness instead, then there is a girl who got that dark.

Mea Kurosaki @Amiami

It do seem that she is in the middle of transforming her swimsuit, or it just that it torn to that point.

Just that, be careful of her if you want to live long, she do have the dark power of transforming any part of her body into a deadly weapons.

And she do seem able to change her clothes at will. Just that I wonder why Yami wasn't able too.

Last girl to show a bright face before closing off this week figurine report.

Ritsuko Akizuki @Amiami

It would seem that she can have 2 different hairstyle depending on what you want her to be, but the first one did give her the mature girl look, on top with her glasses on.

Her swimwear is also bright too, and very nice too.

Look like there are girl who show more darkness, and some with light or bright personality.

As far as we peek, which dark or light type of girls do you prefer?
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