Monday, April 8, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 8 April 2013

Seem like this week there are a few nice figurines to grab with, since they are so cute. But that not all, as some of them are part of a gang and ready to join them.

So, for collector, it time to grab them if you got their previous set.

First off, the famous strike witches gang, and seem like one with the rocket is ready to fire.

Sanya V. Litvyak @Amiami

She do can change a bit of her pose, and take off her coat herself. And she sure took aim and ready to fire those rockets of her.

She is one of my favor since she is one of the Neko, and she sure is cute. But one thing for sure, she is one dangerous girl not to cross.

Another girl who is powerful and seem able to remove her skirt is also up for grab.

Aigis @Amiami

It might sound funny when I said that you can remove her skirt.

Aigis is wearing a school uniform and holding to her bag, which show how ready she is going to school. If you want to go school with her, maybe you can grab her.

But she can let go of her bags and her skirt, which I wonder why is the skirt myself. Yet the joint at her hips sure is very nice and detail.

But if you want some cute girls instead, then there are 2 of them who ready to sit on your desktop.

Oreimo Petanko @Amiami

The new Season sure start out nicely, and you can grab them so you can watch their Anime with them weekly.

I wonder how the story plot will be heading, though I got a few idea from a few peeking into the light novels.

But what I can said is that to those who watch the first season true story, then you will have an idea what might happen next. So for now, take a peek at those cute little figurine to refresh your peeking eye.

Unless you want a priest to help you with some healing magic instead.

Mononobe no Futo @Amiami

I not sure how her magic will work, but taking a peek at her first sure help a bit. Also she is in a cute nice priest clothing.

Another thing to note is that her clothing seem more refreshing, but I won't know when the final product is out. But from the picture, it sure can help to refresh your peeking eye.

If you a Touhou Project lover, then you might want to grab her.

Another girl who will be joining her beloved with will be Cthugha.

Cthugha @Amiami

And seem like the latest Season just got out, which is very interesting to peek into. I almost forgot about her flame, which sure how dangerous she can be.

But for an Alien with flame and being powerful, she sure know how to stick to her beloved, and getting a hold to her beloved's lover.

In anyway, don't worry about her scary flame, but try not to cross her, or she will user them to attack you. Well, those flame sure look nice.

Though the season ended, it still seem like someone still need to be taken care off.

Mashiro Shiina @Amiami

She just needed someone to teach her the basic, and ensure that she know them well. I never get fail to be amazed at how she lack of common sense.

And seem like this one sure show how much she lacks. But if you like to peek at her, then you really want to grab her then, but do remember to take good care of her.

I really wonder if she is going to wear her clothes and underwear, or is she going to take them off and taking a bath.

Last set to go will be the 2 girls in their nice swimsuit, before closing today report.

Hidamari Sketch @Amiami

You don't go around seeing much girls that go to take a swim together, but the Beach Queens never fail to amaze me. Either way, both of the girls seem like they are having fun.

You might want to be careful of Miyako since she got a water gun and ready to shot you with it.

But since they are going to play, don't mind get shot by their water gun. The only water gun that I know best not to get shot, would be from the Korean Variety Show Running Man.

With a few girls to peek at, and a few set to consider collecting, which one do you want to invite to your hiding spots?
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