Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Bag Hanger Charm

There is one Anime Goods which actually caught my Peeking Eye, which been on sale for sometime and yet I only discovered it just recently.

And that good and useful item is a Bag Hanger Charm.

What is it and what can it be use for?

Well, it a very simple item where you hang it on to a table, and you can hook your bags or any stuffs that can be hook.

So you eating at a Cafe or restaurant, and you don't want your plastic bag to fall off, you just place the Charm up and hook your bag to it.

Because it so small, which is why it also portable, and don't take up much space than one expected. Moreover those cute and nice characters can be seen on the charm itself. Just pray they give you the luck you need, since it a "Charm"

Of course there are many different characters to choose from, but here is some of the latest choices. If you prefer other, you can just search for it on Amiami site or ask Google.

Bag Hanger Charm @Amiami
Sword Art Online

Vividred Operation
-Akane Isshiki
-Aoi Futaba
-Wakaba Saegusa
-Himawari Shinomiya
-Rei Kuroki

You can also use them at your own house or room if you need some place to hook your bags. But of course you need to place it on a table first, or any flat surfaces. Surely, you do not want your items in the bags to fall off, right?

I sure would like to one of them if I can grab one with my clean hands. Plus, they are actually cheaper than one expected, costing less than or around 1,000 Yen.

At a size of 40mm x 40mm, they sure are very portable than one expected. Just that what got me wonder is how much weight can it actually support.

But bags aren't the only stuffs, things like umbrella, Carabiner, or keychains can be hook with it. Just that if you hook your own Keys or Handphone, don't expect them not to disappear in public.

Just bags or umbrella is more common.

Don't forget to thank them when you need to go off, and don't forget about them before going off. Unless you going to donate it to the next person who found it.

With a simple and useful Bag Hanger Charm, do you want to grab one yourself?
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