Monday, April 15, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 15 April 2013

There always many ways to keep us healthy and well, but as what I been showing in my blog was that having some peeking at some cute or nice stuffs may improve our eyesight.

So let take another peek for this week figurines.

They always say that an Apple a day, keep the doctor at bay, and of course there are some nice cute girls with some apple with them.

Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi (1/8 Figurine) @Amiami

The latest Anime which show of someone who decided to "throw" away one of his traits which later appear on another girl. And to think that I once into the Manga and I doubt that I even talk about that Light Novel series here yet.

Anyway, for Neko lovers, Tsukiko got some apple which is very catchy to the peeking eye. And what more is that she is also very cute. Problem was that she is lifting the front of her skirt which you might expect to see her Pantsu when you grabbed her.

But let be honest, the Photo angle is very tempting enough. Well, let take a bite on an Apple first, should we?

Another girl with one bags of apples sure is enjoying herself too.

Kyoko Sakura (Figma | Casual Ver.) @Amiami

The third girl in her gang to appear not wearing her Mahou Shoujo Costume. Well, I was expecting her to wear school uniforms, but seeing a causal cloth is also fine.

I know that some do no want to have too many apples, and I only sometime bite on apple myself. Apple Juices are fine. But Kyoko got some snacks on her too, and also a crepe too.

Also, even when she not in her transform mode, she can still pose nicely, but I think she might want to bite on something nice and healthy for now. Even she did have a bags of apple in the first place.

I still think that there are many who love to have some nice figurines to peek on.

Rias Gremory (1/8 | Bunny girl) @Amiami

This time we got Rias in the bunny girl suit, but what got me amazed is how she got the devil wings with her too.

It also seem like she can show her oppai if you want, but be careful of her "Oppai Beam". Those who read the Light Novel will know more about it, but I think Wikipedia of the story might also know.

Seeing red might be a bad thing, but when it come to a cute female devil wearing a bunny girl suit, it might be not a bad thing. Just that something Red might come out from the nose instead.

If you want to see some Oppai, and yet not fully, I do think this might be a little over.

Hibari (1/7 | School Swimsuit Jersey) @Amiami

I got no idea how do Jersey and Swimsuit can mix into something like this. What got me a bit shocked was that it seem that Hibari can cover her oppai, or showing some sign.

I prefer to take a peek at the anime, but there are some grabbers for her. She is very cute too, but for those who know the game, those girls sure got big oppai no matter how you think about it.

As for me, I need to stuff some tissue up my nose instead.

Maybe I need to peek at normal girls instead, and best if some can sing nicely.

GUMI (1/8 Figurine) @Amiami

They did say looking at some Green are good for the eye, and though Miku got a lot of green, Gumi also got green for her hair too.

Plus she can pose nicely, just that she wouldn't sing that much. From what I see, peeking at her can strangely refresh your spirit, which is due to her cuteness.

Moreover, her clothes aren't that bright, which is fine for the peeking eye too.

And before I close off today report, we do need to take a dip in the swimming pools as exercise.

Wakana Sakai (1/10 | Swimsuit) @Amiami

Well, some prefer to play instead of swimming, which also can tired you out. Playing balls can be a good thing too.

But I do think that peeking at those cute girls is another reason why it healthy too. Moreover, Wakana got her friend Sawa with her too. And both sure are looking cheerful from what I see.

But it still depend on which you would prefer to grab with your clean hands.

The few things that they are similar are they are cute girl in swimsuit and having pony tail hairstyle.

Sawa Okita (1/10 | Swimsuit) @Amiami

If we do think about it, there are many Peekers in the Swimming pools and at the beach. I wonder what I will think or peek at when I at those places myself.

Maybe taking photo of figurines I bring while I'm at it, which can be very interesting and nice too.

At the cost of around 3,000, those Beach Queens series sure seem to make those girls having fun at the beach and made me want to go take a dip myself.

But if you count the amount, it strangely a lot from what I remember. At least they are good for the peeking eye if you think about it.

As far as we peeked, do you think healthy with the help from Figurines?
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