Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peeking Around Again 10

Fine, I was just opening wide my Peeking Eyes to stare at some Anime, which some are of past Season which I didn't peek much into.

But since I peeked into them, I'll try to post on them, unless I did posted on them. Maybe some add-on, even when I do want to finish up on most of the light novel I had grabbed with my clean hands.

Can't having myself sitting down on my comfy chair and staring blankly at the TV screen for Manga and Anime.

Yes, I am still using that 32'inch Samsung LCD TV as my computer screen. Good thing about this is that when watching Anime, it sure give my Eye the sparkly it needed.

And now that I got a nice Speaker with it, of course I'm enjoying myself when watching anime. I do know there are some who got better Screen and Speaker than me, but for now, I like my current set.

Till now, my hiding spot been label as a Manga/Light Novel Library, but there is another catch, due to the TV being the nice size for watching anime, my hiding spot been upgrade as Anime watching spot.

In which why I need to made sure my hiding spot is clean most of the time. Well, I had to thank myself for being a clean freak, and need to clean up my room.

Another embarrassing thing was I need to clear up was most of top which I always left on lying in my hiding spot. Well, I do need to clean up and place them back in drawers when I not using them.

Well, Chinese Spring Cleaning is over, but I will be having another mass cleaning up again, but I still will be having some walking session, and maybe some peeking around at some places. When I got the time, I will be peeking into my light novels, and when I peek, I forgot about blogging, which was why I did blog much for this month.

Those who follow my blog, my thank and apologise, but I will try to post most of what I peeked up. There just too many words to peek in Light Novel, on top of those Anime and Manga which I followed.

As for now, some cleaning up for today before peeking back into light Novel, and I do hope I can peek at some Anime Goods while I'm on it.
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