Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 28 April 2013

I not sure how bad the weather go for this past few days, in which sometime Raining isn't a good day for Walking Session, but I still go out on walking session myself.

There are just things to peek and stuffs to know, which is why Walking session is a must, even if it will be a quick or a short one.

Today morning till noon got quite the heavy sudden rain, but what amazed me is that there still people going out despite the weather. Even my Imouto bought me some sushi during her walking session.

And right after I back from my walking session, I got some tasty bite. I was getting hungry myself, and it just so at the right time.

My mum still cook some dinner, I still need to bite a few more.

But what I do prefer was enjoying a cold drinks while walking down Orchard Road and having some peeking around. Normally I would go to the store which I peek regularly, which is more like Window Shopping, since I don't go grabbing until it really what I wanted.

But this week I sure got peek a lot at some nice stuffs.

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-Date A Live
-A Certain Scientific Railgun S (Season 2)

-Walking and bit of Talking Session

If you're wondering, I tend to post on Anime which I peeked, so this time you will get an idea that I following Railgun series and Date A Live series. Well, I still peeking into some anime and manga when there is the latest series out.

Walking Session would a nice choice, if I want to get away from more talking session with my family.

Well, they do prefer me going on walking session since I the hikikomori, and always stay at home more than going out.

Sometime, going out can have some good luck but that depend on situation.

And sometime for me, it would more like grabbing stuffs with my clean hands Session, like the latest release of Kampfer Chinese Version. I was waiting for the last book, although what happened in the end due to information found on website.

And to think that I still many different Light Novel to finish up, but since the weather is fine and nice, I would prefer to stay at home and read those book finish.

But I do need to get out and get some food bite, buy some stuffs and other thing to do, and if you ask me, I tend to read books at home.

If I bring the books out to read, it tend to never read or even peek into it. Well, lying down on the warm bed and read is a good choice, and I tend to go into dreamland before I notice it.

Better than staring at nothing and doing nothing before going to dreamland. I do know that some can sleep very fast when they close their eyes.

And even if now is still early, I do want to finish on the volume of one the light novel as soon as possible, so time to head back to bed and start some peeking.
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