Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 7 April 2013

Seem like this week I sure peek into a lot of stuffs despite playing Tera Online for long hours myself.

But I will still continue to peek into more next week, since new season of Anime are out, and about time for me to post on Anime myself.

With that said, let take a peek what I been up to for this week.

-Upgrading the current computer
-Mada's Figurines Report 2 April 2013
-Mada's Anime Goods Report 4 April 2013
-Night Orchard Walking Session
-OZ (Manga)
-Crimezone (Manga)

I do need to clear up my room tomorrow morning, if not it would seem that my room is in a mess.

The decoration of some nice figurines will do so at later timing. But moving those big furniture myself isn't easy though.

I did grabbed a few stuffs for this week, and I'm going to peek at some nice manga, which are very interesting, and will be introducing them at a later timing.

Depending on how much time I got, that is. But peeking at nice anime would be so great, since there are just too many nice anime for this season.

There are a few that of the Second Season, which is why I wanna go and peek into them. Still, wanting to peek into new Manga also need to take some time.

It not like I can do Shadow Clone and then go mass watching Anime, Reading Manga, Light Novel and playing games. If I can, then I would be so happy.

Even so, I would still want to get some time out to do some blogging, since it do take up some times, like choosing and posting the right picture, putting up links.

And to think that I almost forgot to do some update on some pages, which I will be doing them at a later timing. And to ensure the right changes to them.

And also I do need to do some rearrangement to my bookshelf, which I need to get one slot for my Manga and Light Novels which are hanging in one side of the shelf.

But of course after taking a peek into them first. Even when I had recommended so many different series, there are some which I forgotten to peek at their latest chapter.

Doesn't matter, but I still got a few walking around and about that I must go. If not my Walking leg will get rusty and not able to go for the walking session. Even though I'm one Hikikomori, I still go out when I need to.

Can't get hungry or dirty myself. As for now, time to take a peek at some Anime and Manga.
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