Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New plan for changes in Hiding spot

As compared to my last photo shot of my bookshelf, seem like there was a lot of increase in the stuffs to the big black bookshelf of mine.

Which is why I been saying that I need to do some clearing to ensure they are all pack nicely and neatly.  Can't just go and place them on top of other books instead.

But placing them neatly is the second worry, as the first one is how to get the big black bookshelf out and paste a new set of wall paper to the back.

I was going to do a new arrangement of the furniture, but to all of them being too big, I had to abandon that for now, and do another type of arrangement instead. Small one will do nicely for now.

And I did grabbed a few item during my last walking session, and one of them are containers for some of my figurines.

Can't leave most of them in the box, but since my room got too many dirt whom never stop working, I decided to place them in containers, and let them pose nicely.

Turn out to be nicely, and cheaply too, which can be found at Daiso Japan shop. My hat to them for having so many item, which my Imouto did grab a few for herself.

Though I grab a lot of book, and my Imouto grabbed a few. The price of what she grab can be amazingly more than mine.

In anyway, will be trying to paste those wallpaper up, and finish most of the Season Series for the anime, so I can focus on the latest one. I do need to post a few of them here myself.

Well, I wonder what I going to do it, but seem like I need to stock up on my coffee intake for now.

As for now, time to take a little break.
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