Monday, April 22, 2013

Mada's Figurine Report 22 April 2013

Today I will give a starting warning of some of today figurines being very cute, and some of the girls who give a very strong fan service.

But what the point if those figurines isn't nice at first.

So let on the light and start peeking.

Miku Hatsune @Amiami

Miku sure is very helping with her lamps which I was surprise at how that 2 big lamps can fix into a headband.

Not sure if they run on batteries or her music energy. But it would be great since she is the one leading us to peek into other figurines.

Even heard of the one who hold a lamp and led the way? Just becareful if the one leading will get your lost your way, or out.

Next we come across a cute girl with her doll.

Kobato Hasegawa @Amiami

Good thing that she isn't powerful, but her cuteness can be overkill.

Those who peek into the story might know that she is actually more popular than one expected. Also since she holding on to her dear doll, you might see her as a overly cute little imouto.

Well, she is sitting down and even having one of her sleeves holding her dress loose to one side.

I not sure if she letting me to grab her dolls or herself.

Look where you going, since this next one is a powerful ninja.

Katsuragi @Amiami

I not sure how she will hide herself, but she sure is very confident in not wearing her bra.

If I going to defend myself and try to attack her, I might get stunned just by staring at her Oppai. The main thing is that she is a very strong in close combat, so one hit and that is.

If you a water user, might sure you try to hit her with it and hope her clothes will get wet and able to see her more. The next thing I can confirm if a very bad death for you.

If they say black cat give you bad luck, then go for a white cat and get a good luck.

Mashiro Shiina @Amiami

But this little girl need help more than one expected. Well, she can give the fan service due to her lack of normal common knowledge and sense.

If you are going to grab her, made sure that you can take good care of her. Well, she got her manga to draw, and she is starting to show more of her emotions than one think of.

But what never fail to amaze is how can she show that emotionless face expression no matter what.

But if you want people to take good of you instead, than this next alien is going to be your choices.

Nyaruko @Amiami

But maybe a naked apron might be more scary than one expected with her crowbar. Maybe she need to hold on to a cooking stuffs instead.

What the catch here is that whether is you going to have her, choose her, or her only. Which is why her base stand is a plate, and it take sometime for one to notice that.

Well, one might just stare at her blankly with a weird face, and not noticing some where other.

This week got a lot more swimsuit than I thought, and I even mistaken this next one for a costume.

Sena Kashiwazaki @Amiami

Wearing a cow swimsuit with a cow ear might suit her more than one expected, due to her oppai.

But honestly saying, she is one of my favor character which I did hope she get marry to the main character.

The other girls are also not that bad either, and to one know, if both Sena and Nyaruko meet, both of them might talk more on otaku stuff more than the other figurines down here.

I wonder if they like to read the manga Mashiro drawing.

If you do not want a animal swimsuit, there one normal here, but seem like Sonico here is wearing a nice long sock with it.

Super Sonico @Amiami

I not sure how wearing the long sock can let one be seem as skinny, but I think the first thing one peek at her is her oppai too.

What got me off guard was that how she look so "bright" due to the white swimsuit, pink sock and her hair. Even her boots seem brighter.

Maybe the camera lightning was too strong, but from what I see, she sure is very cute and nice to peek. And she is posing with a straight face expression.

Unless you want 2 human with abnormal power posing for you.

-Medaka Kurokami @Amiami
-Hansode Shiranui @Amiami

The Manga did get me dumbfounded due to the latest chapters in Manga, but this 2 girls sure know how to get the surprise of everyone.

Medaka sure like to pose a lot than one expected, and she is one good looking girl with a sexy body too. I was surprise at how Hansode can still look so young even 10 year later.

But the current one still look so nice, I might grab Medaka myself if I can and may.

Now that we out of here, did you notice that the first two cute figurines are the start off before girl with fan service? In anyway, is there any of them which you want to grab?
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