Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 11 April 2013

You know what been gotten me sparkly peeking eye open for this week, is the Carabiner which can hold up to many different key, key-chain, straps or anything you can think of.

And hook it up to your bag, or belt and show off to the other what collection of keychain, straps or key do you have.

So let take a peek at some of them for this week, and a few of the stuffs which can go along with them.

What got me wondering about them is how they got a few rings that can help to store a lot of keys, but what got me wondering is that they are also good for storing up some straps and key chain to show off your collection which stored up to.

There are also many different carabiner, which some of them had the fashion feeling to it.

And as much I show before in previous report, the new one still fresh from the oven.

Carabiner @Amiami
Rebuild of Evangelion
-EVA-02 Kai beta
-EVA-08 alpha

Mobile Suit Gundam
-Zeon Military
-Earth Federation Far East Army

Miku Hatsune
-Neko Miku

The most common one would be the Carabiner with some design on them, but later on, there are released of different size, which give a nice fashion feeling. Also they still can hold up to a few keys which still usable depending on how you think about it.

So first off, go take a peek at my previous post about straps first!

Miku Hatsune Strap @Amiami

Well, just kidding, you can just check out Amiami Site or Cospla Site which got many nice straps when you taking a peek for Carabiner.

Strap are very nice decoration on top to holding on to them. A set of collection Strap are best place together by the Carabiner.

It not like a key chain isn't a bad idea.

Miku Hatsune Append Metal Keyholder @Amiami

But the one thing that got me wondering is how different is keyholder from Keychain when they still hold on to keys.

Will, maybe due to the different rings they are design as. The Key holders can easily place key in and out, which can be a problem one the part which holding the keys in get loose.

Keychain can place key in easily but hard to get them out. Good thing is that the key wouldn't be easily drop off.

But despite the different in the part which hold the keys, I still like those design of characters which come with them.

THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Pinched Keychain @Amiami
-Anzu Futaba R
-Mika Jougasaki R
-Ranko Kanzaki R
-Uzuki Shimamura N
-Kirari Moroboshi R
-Veteran Trainer R
-Miku Maekawa R+
-Kanako Mimura N
-Rin Shibuya N
-Kaede Takakagi R
-Rika Jougasaki R
-Kirari Moroboshi R
-Anzu Futaba R+

And if you got so many of them, you can just use the carabiner to chain them all up and hook it up to your bag or belt or anyway to show off your collection of keychain. If I may, I would just hook it up to my bag to increase it otaku level.

As for now, time to drink some water

Girls und Panzer Mug @Amiami
-Kame-san Team
-Ankou Team
-Ooarai Girls High School Emblem

Though the anime might end for this roung, I still like the design of the mug, so if you want to be part of the team, you may grab the favor team you want, but it would seem that the other design will be out at a later timing. There is also the school logo on one if you want to be part of that school.

But for a normal person, it a mug to drink water with, so for me I still will use it to drink some tasty water.

In anyway, do you still want to grab a nice carabiner to place your keychain and strap?

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