Monday, September 30, 2013

Back into Action

Hello, Hello~?

Is this back on? Well, not for today, but I do aware that I did went on a sudden hiatus for a few months, and that I didn't post at all.

Well, no worry, but I do had to admit that I did missed out on many things, which I didn't peek, and it really killing.

No problem, but I am going to blog and post as much as I can, but I currently also helping on other stuffs.

Well, the part time work I got really got me tired out, due to the not much pay and long hours. Well, I am saving the money for other purpose on top of having many grabbing.

No, I didn't went and hide myself so that I can go around Singapore trying to grab a lot of stuffs which my Very Clean Hands.

Unfortunately, I do received calls/message on asking me to do post something.

Not that I running away or what, but since there were many thing that caused me to too tired to even lift my finger to type something.

But still, I need to post a lot and especially on Manga and Anime which I missed out a lot.

There even the stuffs which I grabbed and I need to go and post them out.

This time, I really need to be all fired up, and start thing from scratch. Well, I still got my part time to go on, and to think that for a person like me who like to be a NEET, I need to work for that spare of cash to get something going.

Well, at the least I was able to grab a few item that I wanted, and I will be posting them at a later timing. I even promised my friends that I post what I been biting on, where I having my walking session and more.

To be honest, I did wanted to started in the mid of September, but sadly, I had to take good care of my Grandmother (Father's Mother), and to think that she just passed off just like that just last week.

It was a sad thing that happened in my life, and her death caused a big impact not to me, but to my whole family and relative.

Kind of hard to getting over it, but still, I had to honor her will and wish, and that is to move forwards and smile. She did passed away with a smile.

Anyways, I sure there are some Stalkers who noticed that I been playing on some games, and yet to post on them. No worries, I trying them up, and will be posting them soon.

There really a lot of posts that I need to get ready to showcase. And I really thanks many readers who still continue to support me by taking a quick peek into my blog.

There even new peekers who like the posts.

As much as I cannot stop thanking, I will try to start back up my blog. Really need to get my action of Peeking, Walking and Biting back in shape.

Well, I still on my script story which I trying my best to somehow make it simple and nice. But I really wish my supervisor stop using me as if I'm full timer. Well, the good thing is that I get more money, the bad thing is that I get less hour doing my thing, and that the reason why I didn't get the time to blog.

But no problem, I will be having posts coming in soon, and you can expect them much more, and interesting thing to peek on.

Pretty sure got many things to share with you all.
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