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Mada's Figurine Report 31 July 2013

Hatsune Miku 2.0
Do seem like I was spirited away since I did not blog for some times, and to think that for there are many updates on Figurines.

In any case, let take a few peek, and honesty, I do want to grab a few of them, with my still very clean hands.
The one thing that love to play with are the Figma, where they can do the nice action, poses, which are good for photo taking.

Figma @Amiami
-Hatsune Miku  (2.0 Ver)
Black Rock Shooter
-Strength (TV Anime Ver.)

To think that while I still waiting to for my Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, there is the Figma of Miku 2.0 to be up for grabbing. The good thing is that she do seem to be made out of better materials, so she can look more better than the older version.

If you asking me, I do want to grab her with my clean hands. Also, I do know a few that owns a lot of figma, though there are grabber for Nendoroid.

Strength Tv Anime Ver
Thing is, for figma, despite the joints which may be unsightly for some, the figma however do have their spotlight since they are the one which look like normal figurine, and able to do action or pose.

Another name for them would be action figurines, but figma is simple and sound nicer.

For Miku 2.0, she do able to play some guitar and what got me off for wanting to grab her is that she got "Angelic" wings...

Another figma which I got my Sparkly Eye on is Strength of Black Rock Shooter. Reason?

Another hoodie girl, but she is a very powerful girl, with very big knuckle. Since it from the TV Anime version, of course she got her own "Mad" emotion face with it. But what got me shocked and off was that she got her normal mode too.

Yes, without her hoodie and normal arms.

In other words, a perfectly normal looking girl, but I prefer the normal looking emotion, but her other 2 emotion do seem to give the impact of one smirking instead of smiling, and other being in a battle frenzy.

Saber Lily
For those who prefer complete fix figurines, this time for this post, I doing a list out first.

Complete Figurine @Amiami
-Saber Lily (1/7)
Sword Art Online
-Asuna (ALO ver. | 1/8)
-Asuna (SAO ver. | 1/8)
Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai
-Yaya (1/8)
Toaru Majutsu no Index
-Index (1/8)
Border Break
-Fiona (Shunya Yamashita ver.)
Oreno Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
-Kuroneko (One-piece Dress | 1/8)
-Kuroneko (Sweet Lolita ver. | 1/7)

The one thing that many would know and at the same time not knowing, staring at those figurines are very refreshing for the eye.

Asuna (ALO Ver)
I really wonder how they can shine so brightly in my imagination.

I mean, for Saber Lily, she do seem nice and sweet and at the same time powerful.

The pose itself do reflect that she is a girl, but her swords do show that she is a swordswoman.

Well, the current favor and power swordswoman for now maybe Asuna, since she can kill monster in the fastest time, and she is very powerful.

Well, maybe a prefect candidate for a Yandere, if Kirito isn't too careful about it.

Too bad the Saber Lily do know her statue as a king, and knowing how to act like a proper lady.

Asuna (SAO Ver)
Maybe for Asuna who come from a rich family, she can be a lady, but her action can be scary for many.

If we going to compare them, Saber can be scary when she training the main boy, but Asuna can cook delicious food nicely for her main boy.

In anyway, for Saber Lily, one must know that it a design which show more about her female sense. Well, it hard to determine her gender if she cover herself in those armor.

For the SAO version Asuna, she is well known as the flash where she take down anyone in a quick movement, which seem like a flash to many.

But sword alone isn't going to determine the strength of girl alone, as intelligent is also needed. Well, both Saber and Asuna are very clever too. Maybe less than Victorique.

And why that?

Well, she is a detective who can solve many cases, even without witnessing the cases herself.

But for a little blond girl to be wearing a pink, and bright dress, maybe she do look like a little girl who one might want to find something interesting.

I must say that the details of her clothes are nicely made, which isn't what one expected of the normal wind blowing it one side.

Also, she is carrying the usual pipe which many would expect from a "detective". No Worry, she isn't going to smoke.

But for current era people to wear pink, one might expect them to be pink, and I would think Kuroneko is also doing it right.

And to add on her usual "Kuroneko Ear" on top of her cute pose like a kitten, that moeness is going to kill someone.

Really did made me want to pat it no matter what.

Too bad I got no treat to give to her too..

Anyway, if I going to wake up with something good for my eye, I think I might stare blankly at this figurine to refresh and charge a bit of myself.

I do need to sleep, on top of having some part time works. Anyway, I do want something to push myself on.

Strangely as it seem, look like Kuroneko is going to be on a dress trend, and not her usual cosplay.

Many had to agree that Kuroneko do look good in other normal dress, though her once Angel cosplay and her usual cosplay can be very interesting too.

Anyway I looking forwards for the ending of the Anime, since the Light novels, had ended this year.

Sadly for many, maybe the ending might not be what many would expected at first.

But to think that the Creator of Oreimo to go for that ending, well, I also did not expected it at first.

Like how many would expect for the anime to show the ending of the light novel, there are a few interesting Light novels that are going to be set for anime.

I really find it a good feeling that I read those light novels, and expecting them to have anime set for flight.

It not that just because I read the story and I know what going to happen next, but I can compare and take note of the different in story too.

Also, it good to know that the story that you read get to have an anime, which will expect to have many fans who will take notice in the same story as you.

There are many light novel which I peeked after watching the anime, and same as how a few anime come out after I read the light novels.

And yet I did not expect that Yaya gotten her cute figurines out when the anime is set to be somewhere in October.

I had to give my praise to that Maker, since it really did give Yaya a nice design.

Maybe not many will take notice of her yet, but there are some light novels characters which many would take notice, and there one little girl here, Index.

I can understand that the Index got her anime and manga out for very long, but it actually not rare to see a few figurines that come out and not many well aware of them until they watched that anime for that figurines.

Those who read the light novel will know them well enough.

Another set of figurines that also in the gray area would be those in the game session characters. Well, maybe if they release as anime or manga, maybe there will those who get interested in them.

It not that rare to see a few Anime that just release this year to be a few "old game" from last or last last year series.

Like Devil Survivor 2 and Dangan Ronpa which both games so funny to be games that I accidentally come across with just right before the anime.

But there are a few which I missed out, or never aware of.

Even if you asking me who is Fiona of  Border Break, I might give the Blank face at first.

Sometime, when I can't remember the characters by their name, their design however can "burned" into my mind.

Really amazing at how those game characters can look so nice, but somehow Fiona figurines look more realistic than I expected, which is way too different from what I recalled from it concept art.

Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
The all so cute and way unexpected from my expectation.

Nendoroid @Amiami
The "Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat.
-Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
Tetsudou Musume
-Alice Kuji
-Miyuki Takano
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
-Mikoto Misaka
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
-Maria Takayama
Macross Frontier
-Ranka Lee
Makai Senki Disgaea

I did not take much awareness or notice in the Nendoroid, except for thinking that they are "Cute", since I was interested in Figma more, and a few figurines.

But it was slowly and steady until I decided to grab the Black Rock Shooter TV anime Nendoroid, which I find them to be very cute.

Even my Imouto also like the Nendoroid more than other figurines, which was way I did grabbed a few nendoroids, mostly due to my imouto.

Also, she do play with the nendoroid more than I expected at first.

In anyway, one thing that what never fail to amaze me no matter is those little accessories that come with those nendoroid, which will not let anyone or maybe some to think most of it.

Mikoto Misaka
Like how Tsukiko can have her Neko ear, or the Railway girl to have item not related to Train. Well, I think maybe a few of my friends who like Train would go and grab them.

For me, there are a few set that I taken a liking, but I still need to consider first.

Well, for Nendoroid, I do ask my imouto and ask her on how she find the nendoroid first. It not just because I like the story, or the characters only.

Well, maybe expect for Miku and Black Rock Shooter, I might think about the other first. before I can ask Black Rock Shooter Wallet for some money.

Even when I did think Mikoto Nendoroid to be cute too.

Maria Takayama
Didn't expected much of the Nendoroid at first, but what got me interested in them is the face expression, which many of them can share with the other.

Also, some of them can exchange their body, which seem as if those characters are exchanging their costume and clothes than their body.

Still, sometime I do discuss with a few people regarding those nice cute little nendoroid.

Sometime I take a peek at Figma, but to think that I peek at Nendoroid more and more now.

Figurines are the less for now.

Maybe due to pricing reason, since I also bit of saving some money for some reason for now.

Ranka Lee
I really wish I can be relaxing like Maria and be easy going, but my body energy also sometime can disappear into thin air.

What got me bit of going into doing each day work would be listening of Anime Song, I been lacking back on Anime, but when I got the time, I peek into them in one shot.

No break in between until I needed them.

Well, I not into God mode or whatever, since I still needed to conserve my energy too.

Well, maybe I do want Ranka to sing a few song for me to listen with.

Maybe that might help to refresh me a bit.

But there are a few game which I not stepping after playing a few chapters, as they are more on grinding, which I take the time to watch anime and manga.

Maybe when I got 1 more monitor, the TV will be for watching Anime or playing game will the monitor will be for reading manga and doing stuff.

But I need to be more fire up like how Etna and Flonne, and it do seem that Flonne can have her eye really fire up.

Maybe I need Misaka Electricity and Maria energy for myself.

Certainly not any bow and arrow or spear to take enemies down. There isn't one for me in this real world to take down.

Maybe If we are talking about imagination, but that isn't going anywhere.

This time I might really want to grab both of the girls, not just because I like the first series of the game, but because both of them are cute.

And really, I had to give my thumb up for the face expression and action pose that they can do.

Flonne would be the first on the list if you want to know.

But what gotten my mind is that Saber of the Fate Extra series is also set for grabbing too. And many might not know, but I do like the Fate Series myself.

Well, more like the Type Moon Story as I did peek into their game, manga and stuff.

But Fate is the more impact series in my mind than the other.

And I sure many would also think the same way.

Well, from what I compare, the newer one sure got their improvement, which is way different from it previous series, and also the later series have to get my thumb up on the painting and their design.

Not just those interesting emotion and action.

Well, the emotion face expression is what got my attention anyway.

I do like those nendoroid more and more, but as a figurines peeker and grabber, I do need to take a peek at those figurines, right?

The last part, which may sound funny, but I believe might think those as the better figurines.

"Fan Service" Figurine @Amiami
Daydream Collection (Product Line)
-Saki (1/6)
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
-Yozora Mikazuki (Gymnastic Uniform ver. | 1/8)
Binbougami ga!
-Ichiko Sakura (1/8)
Accel World
-Kuroyukihime (1/10)
Senran Kagura
-Hibari (2nd Ver. | 1/7)
Littlle Busters!
-Komari Kamikita (Swimsuit ver. | 1/8)

Yozora Mikazuki
And why would I go and say that?

Let see, those figurines got those girl pose in a sexy way? Or do their costume / clothes show their body more?

In anyway, there are a few figurines whose can remove their clothing and reveal their bra and pantsu. or even making them naked.

But there are a few which just barely show some of their body curve, while some just because they are in gym clothes or swimsuit and they go fall into this category.

Well, they are very sweet to the peeking eye, which may or not help to improve the Peeking eyesight.

Ichiko Sakura 
I can understand for those figurines who their clothing can remove and reveal their body, or the swimsuit one since peeking girl in swimsuit in those anime special episodes to be fan service.

Maybe Yozora need to improve on her body, since Sakura will be taking the spotlight, and she is good in sports.

Too bad for the Binbougami ga! to ended the Manga, since the battle and plot come to a close, but at the least, Sakura did change the most.

And back to the figurines peeking, it really amazing how Sakura can look so good and sexy in just her gym clothes. Really, Yozora got her spotlight given to Sakura.

As for Saki, I wonder who want to go and stripe her. I really somehow interested in the figurines, but not warrant a grabbing from my clean hand.

But somehow to think that Kuroyukihime can remove her lower dress and reveal her pantsu.

I really amazed at those artwork in the making of those figurines who can give the grabber a run for their money, since there are few figurines collectors (or other people) who think that figurines are all about fan service.

One do need to take note of their art and paint work, on top of the design and costume.

The pose and hair design is the problems, which one mustn't take lightly.

For me? Design and pose play the biggest part. Fan services isn't just one of the main point.

I meant, come on! There are many figurines who don't give fans services and they getting many grabbers from many countries too.

Some grab those characters who reveal their body as one to refresh their peeking eye.

I not sure how it will increase their "another" energy though.

For me, I just take a few peek and get some recharging up before I go and start my day.

But as a male, I think, my "another" energy might start up in a wrong way though.

Really, I do prefer to start my day with the right energy needed too.

Komari Kamikita
Like always, a swimsuit girl for the last part, but what got many people to grab them is that how those girls look so cute and dare to reveal their body curve in their swimsuit

Maybe my Blood energy will just shot out of my nose if I not careful enough.

Interestingly, there are a few girl in swimsuit which made them look cute and a few which made them nice to peek at.

I will cover on that at a later time / date. Well, take it as a Summer time topic from me.

And I didn't get to enjoy my Summer... Well Singapore got Summer all year long anyway.

Maybe we did peek at a lot of different figurines for today, which I need to expect due to a long weeks of not posting anything at all. My apologise to the readers, but take it that I also doing a story, which I trying to improve. I will see how it go, but figurines sure look nice and good for the eye.

In anyway, what type and kind of figurines do you usually grab with your clean hands?
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