Monday, July 8, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Itagasa

It may be summer this season, with the weather so hot that it so unbearable.

But the good thing is that there is Rain to cool the weather at times. Still, it an inconvenience when you know getting wet isn't a good thing.

So, let peek at Itagasa, and there are cute girls on them, though they helping you from getting drenched from the Rain.

There are many who try to made Itagasa themselves, which actually seem to show that it isn't that hard to made; using the "stickers" for the Itasha, they paste them on umbella, and if using the transparent type, it actually look more appealing and cool.

Those stickers are also waterproof which is good too, but there are those who do have the time or money to made one, so they can choose to go for the made ready one, which so far seem to have a either K-on! and Oreimo one.

If one want other characters, it either to make one itagasa themselves, or to wait for sale.

Itagasa @Amiami
-Super (Long type)
-Mini Desktop
-Mini Desktop 2

The one thing that got me very very interesting is when they use the words "Super", which is actually the long one.

Just how Super it going to be will be a question, but from so far I peek and know, there are many anime characters who like to carry umbrella even when it not raining. Well, there are those who carry umbrella to prevent getting drench from Rain, well some use it to get some shade from the sun.

I know there are a few other type of umbrella too, and as interesting as it can, if you want to have an umbrella for your dolls, or as decoration, the mini desktop type is just right for the use.

My hat off for that idea which it isn't easy to get pass with.

For me, I would think that using the Foldable type is the easy and simple, since they fix into bags easily, but there are time when I carry the long umbrella type as if I carry a weapon.

Well, there are some characters who like to carry umbrella with them, such as Earl from D-Gray Man. Just that that one is his swords, and a talking on top of it.

I'm sure there are a few who carry umbrella and imagine getting a swords or something, but when it come to itagasa, I think it going a nice one, since those girls (or other characters) are good to go out with.

It actually doesn't matter if you bring an umbrella out just because there is a rain, one can use it to get some shade from the sun. But there are some who do not like to bring umbrella out, even I am one of them. Well, more like I doesn't bring the foldable one, plus I don't like to dry the umbrella after using it.

Yes, one need to dry those umbrella after use, or they will not last long due to unknown reason. Which is why I prefer the "SUPER" (Long type), but because it SUPER inconvenient to carry it around when it not raining at all.

More like I will swing it around as if it a weapon of mass destruction. I had to admit that I one use it for self defense, and it an interesting experience. Anyway, I had to say that the hook which is use for holding is a good thing too.

This time I not going to say using the umbrella as a decoration except for the mini desktop type, and I don't think it a good idea anyway. But if you want an Itagasa, would you grab one?
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