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Mada's Figurine Report 3 Jul 2013

In Figurine collection, there are some who collect figurines due to wanting a complete set.

Previously I did mentioned about figurines being on their own which is limited to themselves or possible future set, so let peek at some which are later release (ready for pre-order) for a set.

And for the first list, we get to see at Asuna, in many different clothes, and different poses too.

Asuna @Amiami
-Camisole ver.
-Titania Ver.
-Armor Ver.

The third release of Camisole version is when she wear before sleeping, and in many memories, the time when she sleep with Kirito, but she did wear it when sleeping with their "Daughter "Yui".

I really wonder about the part where she is lifting a little bit of her night gown, but it did give her the sexy appeal which one might want to take a further look at what she wearing.

Either way, this new pose of her is really good. For those who like Asuna, the previous version of her in her KOB Armor is where she ready to strike down anything or anyone down in a flash. The Titania version where she is supposed to be the "Fairy Queen" did shown that she is walking freely.

One might said that Asuna really good looking in which many did know her, in the story and in real life.

I wonder who she posing for, when she not wearing her short and skirt...

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun @Amiami
-Mikoto Misaka
-Ruiko Saten

Now that I think about it, it also seem that Ruiko isn't wearing her pant too.

Well, well known as BiriBiri for the Main Boy and Railgun of the third only 7 Level 5s, she sure is looking sexy, but I did got a shock to know that her shirt can stretch long enough to cover her lower part.

I really wonder who she actually posing for, but try not to stare her too much, if she sense electricity coming out of your "Sparkly Peeking Eye", the next thing you going to get is a shock out of your life.

And she isn't call the Electricity Master Railgun for nothing. Well, if I got a power, the first thing I need would be something to avoid getting hurt myself.

But one thing that is for sure regarding this figurines, sexy and yet not too sexy, but the cuteness might be overkill for Mikoto. Saten just got the "Pretty but acting cute" part only.

Those who like the Infinite Stratos girl, this time Charlotte is the forth to be out, and seem like Houki will be the last one.

Armor Girls Project - IS (Infinite Stratos) @Amiami
-Rafale Revive Custom II x Charlotte Dunois
-Schwarzer Regen x Laura Bodewig
-Shenlong x Huang Lingyin
-Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott

Well, Charlotte is the favor girl for many fans out there from what I peeked so far, and this time she is piloting her Rafle.

It would also seem that she would come with different guns and rifle like how the Story go. So if you want to let her do the quick change in weapons, you can let her do it. But you going to change it "Manually" for her.

She would be a great collection to go with the current girls, which is "Sold Out" in Amiami Site. Well, the good thing about this collection set is that those girls can be display with / without their Armor, and they can do "Partial" with their IS unit.

One thing is that you can't just imagine how nice to see those girl ready to take down anyone or anything with their IS unit, and that they can pose as if they flying, or ready to strike, but no laser, beam, cannons, bullet is going fly out, nor do they can fly around your hiding spot or anywhere.

But if you imagine about it, you going to have the tons of fun. Even during the parts when you are customizing their armor. If you ask me, I might go for the "Partial" transforming and letting the girls pose nicely; that would be so cool looking.

Those who like Bakemonogatari Series, seem like it second season is out. But one thing that caught me off and out was when the new title for it was called, "Monogatari Second Season".

Bakemonogatari / Nisemonogatari / Nekomongatari @Amiami
-Tsukihi Araragi
-Karen Araragi
-Shinobu Oshino
-Mayoi Hachikuji
-Tsubasa Hanekawa
-Suruga Kanbaru
-Nadeko Sengoku
-Hitagi Senjougahara

Well, I do get the point that they all got the "Monogatari" in the title, and that they are based off the original work on Light Novels, but what I can't really understand is it is "Second Season"... so is Nisemonogatari just part of Bakemonogatari and not the second season? And same go for Nekomonogatari?

There are other anime that got Monogatari in their title too, you know? You don't know? Well, now you know and go check on Google to find out more, if you really interested to know more.

Anyway, I'm sure the Anime films will be going to be blast and nice one it going to be the same director as the previous series. I really like the story a lot myself.

This time, Tsukihi Araragi of the younger Imouto of the Main boy is out, and I really like how Good Smile Company come out for all the Monogatari girl where they all got something with them and they pose and blend in well with the "base stand".

For Tsukihi, she is climbing up the Jungle Gym which seem to be filled with Fox Spirit Mask and there also a Windmill on it too. Tsukihi also wearing a fox masking on the back of her head.

I really wonder why the younger imouto seem to only wear Kimono, and still good looking in it. If I also at the Jungle gym with her, I most probably will be peeking from below. I sure her elder brother (Main Boy) would be doing the same.

Girl in body suit are getting Mainstream, but the first girl in suit when I peek first since young still those from Evangelion.

Rebuild of Evangelion @Amiami
With Entry Plug Interior
-Rei Ayanami
-Asuka Langley Shikinami

The last girl that I can think of would be Mari, but anyway, the I actually wonder where Rei is staring since she did shift her body to the side and looking at someone or something.

Unlike Asuka who pose like a model, it would seem that Rei is posing modestly and at the same time looking pretty.

She got the smiling face expression on instead of the common emotionless on her face. And it would also seem that even when not sitting on her Entry Plug, she can sit neatly on her own; if I got a cushion for her, I might give her to sit on. But siting on the big entry plug isn't a bad choice.

Well, I'm sure the Maker did consider the reason for her shifting to her left. It is so that she can be place on your right while Asuka on your left. If you take a look, you will notice that both of they are to be place nicely next to each other, but their the head of the Entry Plug pointing to each other.

If they do have Mari, I would love to see if Mari is siting straight on her Entry Plug and looking forward, that would be what I call a complete set, in line with each other.

Sometime, I actually amazed at some figurines which can be 2 different characters despite being one. Talk about 2 characters at the price of one.

Hidamari Sketch (Figma) @Amiami
-Hiro (with Nazuna Head part)

For those who want to pose all the girls together, then you might need to grab Hiro twice, with one of them being Nazuna instead.

But if you only want Hiro / Nazuna only and didn't grabbed Miyako or Yuno, it also fine due to the reason that you get to choose between Hiro and Nazune.

So if today you like Hiro, just use her head part, and if tomorrow you want to peek at Nazuna, then just go ahead and change the head part. Talk about convenient and easy to change.

The maker would get my praise, which really let one decided to either grab one figma which can display as 2 different characters. And for those who want to display all 4 girls, then he / she need to grab Hiro twice.

Miyako get to bite on some rice while Yuno come along with something green... I wonder why Ume-sensei draw herself to look like that...

Not sure if that call genius or marketing. Well, anyway the good thing about this figma is that you can share the face expression and you decided on their poses. But remember one thing, Nazuna is a very weak girl on top of the clumpy type.

But if you want to see them in their swimsuit instead, seem like Beach Queen Series did it again.

Hidamari Sketch (Beach Queen) @Amiami

Same as Figma, Hiro decided to join the girls, and it would also seem that she going bite on that Ice Cream / Pop icicle.

The cute and innocent stare from Hiro might overkill a bit, but don't worry about her staring at you, it the refreshing look for her that good for your peeking eye.

I really amazed at Beach Queen Series due to the Hexagon Base stand so that you can place all the girl closest possible, and that didn't limit them to characters on their series only. For those who like Anime Girl in Swimsuit, they are good for the Clean Hand Grabbing.

Well, it Summer, so it good to go to beach to have a dip in the water. For me, I will probably take a cold shower at home instead. Maybe I need to display a few of my girl in swimsuit collection out to showcase the summer feel...

With so many collection set out there, it really seem that those figurines that part of a set really never fail to amaze me due to their pose and design. Well, maybe the girls from Bakemonogatari and Infinite Stratos series earned the most points here. They did having their "Second Season" if you noticed my choices.

With so many set out there to peek and collect, do you own a few collection on your own too?
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