Monday, July 1, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 1 July 2013

Well, Part time work with personal story writing, and the must watch weekly Anime and Manga. I am getting tired, but still, Anime goods peeking is a must, since they update from daily to weekly too.

This time round, let start with something simple for the Fans Girl

DezaJacket Storm Lover Phone Case @Amiami
Kotaro Mikadomairi
-Galaxy S3
-Xperia acro

Other characters are, Riku Fernando Javier, Kazuhisa Isuzu, Haruto Yotsuya, Makoto Ninomiya, Yamato Ipponmatsu.

It not that I do not want to links all the characters together, or for each individual, but if I do, the post will going to be a long one, so just go over to Amiami and type "DezaJacket Storm Lover [phone type]". The phone type is like Galaxy S3, Iphone 4/4s/5 or even Xperia. If there isn't other type for the phone case, then too bad.

It also seem that for the iphone type, they come with a protective sheet which cover the front face and act as if your phone is only one color.

If you're asking why am I a male introducing those cute, handsome, cool, or pretty boys, I not encouraging Yaoi or what, but there are some fans girl who actually read my blog and ask me for some idea. Nevertheless, the figurines I still peek at girl, but if there are nice male figurines which activated my sparkly eye due to their nice and cool details / design, I might go and post about it too.

I actually got a shock when I do received feedback from some female reader, but let keep some thing secret due to their personal reason.

Gekka Ryouran ROMANCE@Amiami
-Mousepad 2
-Mousepad 1
-Multipurpose Cloth

It's actually not strange to see those game or novel or even Anime / Manga where there only one main heroine and many male characters.

For the boy, let think of this way as the same as one male hero with many female characters, and we call it a harem. Just that the gender change around, and also many fans girl tend do like those male characters.

I do give my praise for the male characters in those area due to their characters art design which are very good. Like how some male want to see girl with girl action and we call them Yuri lover, there are female who like boy with boy action and we call them Yaoi lover.

Other than Boku no Pico which is an exception, there are times when I do peek at some manga which seem to go forwards on the boy love story. There are time when some Shoujo Manga like Skip Beat that are nice to peek like how the main girl with a few male. Just that main girl in Skip Beat is the love hater here.

Fan boy, no worry, there is the phone case for Date A live too.

DezaJacket Date A Live Phonecase @Amiami
Touka Yatogami
-Galaxy S3
-Xperia VL

Other Characters include Kotori Itsuka, Yoshino, Kurumi Tokisaki, Tobiichi Origami. If you're asking which one I will grab, the only answer would be that I will not grab Origami. Reason still the same as I last mentioned; She the revenge seeking despite those spirit girls being innocents, and still acts as if she owns the main boy. Well, it not that I don't understand the part where her parents got killed off.

Just that she the stubborn type who don't listen. Anyway, she still got her fan club where many boy like her. Even so, I must admit that she was one of my favor due to her arts, and until I peek into the Anime and Light Novels which made me actually hated her.

Or maybe I just thinking that I hate that revenge personality of her.

It do seem that GUMI got her 4th Anniversary and so there are release of interesting goods, like t-shirt and strap.

GUMI-Tan (4th Anniversary) @Amiami
Full Graphic T-shirt (White)
-XL / L / M / S / XS
-Cleaner Cloth

There are some other design for the t-shirt, but this full graphic activated my Sparkly Peeking Eye, so if I can grab this, I will.

Well, the design for this 4th Anniversary really made her more pretty and good. As for the album, I haven't heard them yet, so I'm not very sure about it. Still, the cleaner cloth and towel are good to grab with, but Strap isn't that bad for a small grab too.

Well, as much as there are male anime and manga lovers, there are also female who like anime and manga. There are times when my imouto come over to my hiding spot to watch some Anime.

Well I'm using a Samsung Television as a monitor and good for watching Anime.

Mug / Tumbler @Amiami
-Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
-Madoka Kaname 

I sure there are many who like those nice design mug for drinking water, coffee, tea, milk or whatever. Still, there are some who drink from Tumber, and I do admit; on my table, I got a tumbler, mug and a water bottle for drinking. Well, it depend but there are time when I got 3 different drinks on them and it depend on what I want drink.

Maybe I bit of overboard on that, but let just say that I'm a Singaporean and I'm "KiaSu" la.

In any sense, one must do take note, as much as there fan boy who like female anime characters, there are also fan girl who like male anime characters. Also, there are times when female watch Shounen Manga, while male watching Shoujo Manga.

So, are you a fan boy or a fan girl?
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