Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 2 July 2013

Today we going to peek at a few of the figurines in which come as one so far. I will introduce a few figurines that are part of a collector set.

It actually fine to collect a few figurines that either the start of a further collection set, or it being the only one figurines.

Let one of the swords woman to show her skill, in the middle of nowhere first.

Futayo Honda @Amiami

One thing to note is that she is posing in the way which she is looking back, in which so nice there is an invisible wind blowing her front.

It also happened that the base stand she standing on is on the plain field. Don't wonder if there will be sand or dirt blowing around or about.

It really give the feel of that she is one swords woman who isn't someone to cross sword with, and she is also very powerful too. I wonder if she drive a Honda cars herself, but her speed isn't something to laugh at too.

But one thing which I stare at would be at her oppai and get a massive nosebleed instead.

But if you're looking for the little girl type, there is such one and despite her shortness, she is the president of the GJ-Club.

Mao Amatsuka @Amiami

One thing that I admit about this figurines, if I had to go as far as staring at her, the first thing that caught my attention was that she wearing her long sock.

I almost awaken to something bad, but anyway, one need to wear some protective suit in case she bite you. I would probably rate her biting skills about the same as Index from Toaru Majutsu no Index series.

They do like to bite on the Main boys too.

Interestingly, for someone who hate kissing, fierce and had very strong tooth, she can have a imouto younger than her and yet more refine and have a body that way better than her. Well, better shut my mouth or I will find her mouth on my head instead.

Let peek at the sexy one for now, and funny how they go and made this mage even more sexier.

Tharja @Amiami

I go and fight her, the first thing I would do is get stunned from the staring at her. And this pose really went and overkill it.

For someone who got the best body shape, she just had to go and lean on the massive books that she brought along.

I would think that many would be grateful for the maker for making her cape fall to her side instead of covering her up.

Some might want to do the korean Rapper Psy expression when staring at her butt. I would really like "What a nice butt" and dropping my jaw to the floor.

Plus that glance from her face really made her look even more sexy and nice. Anyway she do come along with a red skulls, and if you got nightmare from having that, then keep it in the box or somewhere else. The only characters I know which is so good looking next to big skulls would be Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter series.

There another girl who seem to give an interesting pose from many figurines I peeked.

Kuroyukihime @Amiami

The first thing that caught my first impression of her was thinking that she was lying down, that is until I notice that part where she is actually doing a somersault pose.

Well, more like she is "Flying" since she got butterfly wings but the thing is, I more surprised at the point where her dress seem to be so powerful to support her weight.

In anyway, one thing that I can give my thumb up is that the maker really made this figurine for misleading people that Kuroyukihime is lying down in the sky when she is actually flying in the air. It really give the feeling that she is flying freely when you take a second peek at it.

But one thing to note, she do not have the right body shape, but still she is good to give. Well, she do have feeling for the Main boy, who is plump and short..

Sometime a demon king do need to take a break, and for this case, Demon Queen seem like she going to enjoy herself at the beach.

Demon King(Queen) @Amiami

It not a trap or anything when they go and put the word King for her. She really a female, and just that she sitting on the Demon king throne.

She do come along with either a straw hat or her demon horn, depending on what you want her to wear. The straw hat seem more natural due to the fix pose of her hand.

Plus she do have the right body curve which many would just stare at her instead of going around and noticing other details.

Since she part of the Beach Queen series, seem like she can be placed with other Anime / Manga series despite different story.

I will be posting some figurines that are part of a set later on, but now that we on it, do you grab figurines that do not have a collection set or the starting of a future possible set?
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