Saturday, July 6, 2013

Got no time yet go for Walking session

Well, I do had to admit that I actually got so tired from part time for working 1 to 10pm, the first thing I do after reaching home and taking a quick shower, would be a quick sleep.

But that didn't stop me from not blogging at some times, but if I got too tired, best to rest. Just that today I need to go out with my imouto and her friends.

First time went to Jems and it a good place to go for walking session, just that for the kinokuniya, I might just go to the main branch at Ngee Ann City instead.

The reason I go was to grab some long pants, which I was lucky enough to grab 5 of the one I prefer at SGD 100. If normal price, I would only grab 3... no.. it would a little bit over 100.

Well, one is for 34.50 SGD, but having a limited offer of 19.90 SGD, of course it was a must clean hand grabbing. The reason why I need to grab a lot was so that I can wear it for my part time. I will be throwing out a few of my old jean since they got "Holes" on them.

IF you wondering where the holes are, they are the very bad places.

Anyway, I did peek at some old anime and the current new season, but I still need to wait and see how, but I would probably getting ready myself to post some anime stuffs.

I really wonder how I going about it myself.

My apologise, but I will try to post as much as I can, some day might have a few, well some day I might not, as I need to managed my time properly.

Even now I making full uses of my monthly calendar to ensure I got the timing right, and doing the right stuffs.

For now I had to say that I really tired and do prefer to peek at some anime for now, maybe a few peek at some light novel too. I did grab a few stuffs myself, and you might be shocked to see a few big bags I got there, in facts, I got shocked myself when I was given a big bag, with the contents just either one books or stuffs.

Well, I can keep them for one is paper bag while other is recycle bag.

As for now, anime peeking! Also, tomorrow I will post back the sunday post... well, it been 2 - 3 weeks, I think..
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