Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Small Walking Trip 5

I been on a few Walking Session for a few days, despite having Kidney Stone, which was diagnosed on Tuesday Night.

I consider as fine until further notice, but I need to take good care of my health, and since I can't exercise; More walking session was set in place.

Of course I need to bite only the fresh and healthy, instead of those oily and avoiding some drinks.

But one thing I can't avoid from during my Walking Sessions is that they all got Rainy Weather. And I did get drenched during the walk.

Got one day went to Singapore 2 IKEA to peek around, and taking a nice bite out of it famous $1 Hot Dog, which is cheap and tasty.

The Cooking method is very method, like how I cook my Spaghetti, cook the noodle till soften, then pour in one can or two of Campbell Soup as the sauce.

For the Hot dog, they boil the sausage till it cook and place it on the bun, Voila. I would grab 1 or 2 when I go to IKEA, or near that place. Well, it a nice bite.

Also, I can only eat simple and nice food, so I need to avoid oily food and carbonate drinks. The Kidney Stone can be very painful, and I need to drink a lot of water to wash the stone away.

Walking between 2 IKEA might be crazy, but Singapore isn't that big and I did went on a detour to Changi Airport for some bite too. And watching some nice Plane flying around.

But since we were meeting someone at another place, I need to go off but not before watching 1 more plane landing though was watching it in the bus to next destination.
Another Walking Session was right after I went for a nice hair-cut with my friend during lunch time, and I went to Kinokuniya for some Book Peeking with another batch of friends.

I do need to stress one thing is that I love and hate Rainy Season. Loved it when I am napping at home and it rain. Hate it when I outside and need to walk under the rain.

And to top it off is that I don't bring an umbrella with me at all. So I just walk under the rain like a Boss and getting drench from those Raindrops. Just that I need to go back home, take a hot bath and drink some warm drinks to warm my body up.

To think that going shopping under the rain isn't a good idea, and my friend was holding to one poster which must not get wet cos it LISA Poster. The very same singer who sing Crossing Field of Sword Art Online.

Reaching back home is simple and easy, but to think that I was getting Motion Sick again from the ride on the bus back. Good thing back home I got the medication for it.

The rain is not the common thing for my Walking Session, is that reaching home and feeling very tired to the point that I was to take a quick shower and head to bed.

But of course I can't forget to do some simple blog posting too.

I even going to start kill on my Dual Gunpla so that I can play with it, and to learn the process of building it from the start at the same time. I started with HG type before, so this time is the MG type.

Hopefully I can get it nicely done and ready in, but I also got some nice game which I also wanted to play since I just got it from my friend.

Don't Care Heck Care! Just go for some Anime and Manga Peeking first before heading for bed!

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