Friday, December 21, 2012

Lost Track of Time

When too concentrate on doing something, it really hard to take note of timing, like going for some Walking Session with Imouto and her friends.

Of course I got some stuffs for myself with my Imouto.

For this Walking Session, first time I actually very happy to share my knowledge, for personal and Otaku Knowledge, like teaching my Imouto's friends on some Scientists belief, and introducing some Anime which they aren't aware of.

If they're not aware of some nice Anime, but their taste are of the Anime genre, it no harm to introduce them to that Anime / Manga World, so we can talk about it at later time when we meet up again.

But due to introducing many different Series when I was over at Kinokuniya to them, we lost track of the timing due to my non-stop talk. Still, the good thing is that they will be going back home to take a step into the Worlds of those Series I introduced them too.

Personally, I been playing a "very old" game which I gotten from my friend, and I was very addicted to the nice graphic of the game.

Due to it interesting gameplay, I lost track of timing trying to level up each characters, earning in-game money and points. I do want to finish the game as fast as possible, though the game will be the same as Final Fantasy 13.

There is an ending, but no new game+, instead it continue with many places unlock. So after finishing the first game, there the post content to continue finishing, if I going to earn the trophy for the Play Station Trophy. And I need to restart 2 more times in higher level for full trophy unlock. Damn...

But due to it nice and interesting game play and graphic, I can spare with that but I do need to return it after finishing it first hand.

I do want to enjoy looking at those cute characters more, since it good for the eyesight. Plus there still the Anime and Manga which I still following which I forgot some of the series.

I also got some personal urgent stuffs which I need to go and clear, so was kind of busy to the point that I also been almost forgot about posting.

Will be putting back a few more post tomorrow when I got the time at night. Even if I busy, I still going to continue my blog.

Well, there just so many interesting things to share on, but 24 hours minus out some time for Break and Nap, is just not fully enough.

And considering that I been out for Walking Session with my Imouto till around night time. And even after reaching home, I still need to share and show some stuffs to her, that I forgot about blogging yesterday since I was tired.

Saying the bed being the World's Strongest Man-Magnet sure is very truth. Even I just want to peek at some Anime and watch at one side quietly.

Despite the hot weather at morning to noon, the night sure felt very chilly, and I even bought a Scarf to warm myself from the cold when napping.
But I still on the Fans anyway.

Anyway, will so many Anime Peeking, I actually forgot to share a few of them in this blog myself! Shoot!

Well, no worry since I will be posting them up from next week, and there 2 more Nendoroids whom I need to introduce to Black Rock Shooter tomorrow too. Hopefully, they will get along just fine before I go out for personal stuffs.

As for now... NAP!

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