Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 16 December 2012

Rain Rain and more Rain, Maybe one Teru Teru Bozu is not enough, and maybe a Gunpla might help.

Though I taking my time to slowly build one, I still an amateur on it, and it isn't turning out like a pro, but at least it still good to me.

My Friends all said is the experience that count, and I'm sure it isn't a easy task to build it slowly.

Even when I noticed that I just barely having something like a legs just out, the time just pass by so fast. And I wonder what will happen to the other body part too.

Hopefully when I finished the Gunpla, the end result will be what that matter, though I wonder how I going to do about it.

I also did some planning for what I will be doing, and there games that need to be clear, as I do need to return it to my friends, plus they do take very long to finish.

Might as well finish the gunpla slow and steady first, and I do need to take good care of my own health too.

I got nothing much to say when I did went out for some Walking Session, but there were many nice stuffs which I peeked online and I just had to go out to check up a bit.

There are also some stuffs which I need to grab for my imouto too. But as for now, maybe a break from the Gunpla by having some Anime Peeking.

You can check the below on what I been up to for the week.

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