Saturday, December 8, 2012

Otaku Camera

OTAKU Camera
Camera Apps
Available on Apple IOS and Google Play

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By Tokyo Otaku Mode

Want to be part of the Manga World? Try this Apps out!

I got to know about this apps during my Walking Session during AFA, when the person over at the booth was so kindly to introduce me to this cool new and nice camera Apps known as Otaku Camera.

Not any Camera apps, or even calling it Manga Camera, but it go for Otaku Camera, and I'm sure that the name really suit for many Users.

First off, after downloading it and trying it out, I was kind of shock on how well it was make, and the way it work when taking a photo. You can either adjust the photo to set the frame before you take the photo, or taking a photo and then go adjusting it, also you can change the frame if you want. But the main thing not to forget is to save the photo, and you can share via Facebook or Twitter while you're at it.

I will no doubt say that many would give this Apps another name call Manga Camera, due to that facts that the photo turn out to be Black and White, which is the style of Manga.

And I did mentioned in some of my previous post on that this Apps that once you try this out, you may / not like Manga more.

Trying this apps can made me wanna play with photo more and more, and I was having my laugh when I make use of the Wanted posters, which look so real.

You can imagine many going for your head when your posters is up there somewhere in the internet, plus $100,000,000 isn't a small number.

There are also many different pictures to try out and play with, and it depend on how each individual decided to make good use of them.

The apps is free on both Apple IOS store and Android Google Play, so one can go and download it and try.

Another thing after taking the photo, one can adjust the brightness and the lining / drawing of the photo, so that it can look neat and as if it like being in the Manga.

Having saying that, this is really where you can be part of the Manga World after taking a photo using this Apps.

Some may be bored with this apps due to the facts that it in Manga style instead of Anime Style for a name called Otaku Camera, but that may be just a matter of time before Tokyo Otaku Mode decided on that.

But even still, just having this Camera apps had many people downloading and taking photo with this apps. Even the facebook of Tokyo Otaku Mode got many "Likes", but hey, it was started out last year and initially Tokyo Otaku Mode was a site which share many Japanese Culture and Anime / Figurines / Manga from Akiba.

One can pretty much said it around the same as Danny Choo, and what I blogging is also the same, but I am currently a NEET, so that different in many many ways.

Even so, this Apps is pretty a shocking cool apps to try, which was introduced and share during AFA Singapore 2012 and Culture Japan Night Singapore 2012.

If I never go for the Walking and Peeking Session, I might never get to know this apps, even though I did liked the Tokyo Otaku Mode Facebook page before those Session.

Well the apps is so cool, the only setback is that you need to physically move the whole phone to do the Zooming or adjusting before taking the shot. And those Frame are fixed, which meant you need to adjust yourself or the one you taking the photo with. But taking the consideration of how this app being created, I would still give my Praise and Thumbs up for it.

So, do you want to take a photo with Otaku Camera and be part of the Manga World?

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