Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Doing stuffs on Christmas 2012

Today I started off with helping dad, and really not celebrating much for Christmas, but the good thing still remained; having tasty Bites. And I will be out for walking session tomorrow just to go out and peek.

Well, at least the weather is very good despite having the Rain. Unless some countries with snow, Singapore Snow would be the rain.

And having a cold nice weather for a change can be nice too, and it help to ensure that having a nice nap without having to turn on the Air-condition or Fans.

Also since the New Year and Chinese New Year are nearing, I do get into cleaning mode, but I also into clearing some of my Anime Stuffs so that I don't need to clean them one more time.

The set back being having my Otaku Room Level dropping and having my room looking plain, but simple.

I had to strengthen my imagination that the Dakimakura still have it cover on. Well, hugging it is still good enough to let me go into Dream Land.

The dirt and duct are strangely appearing in my room more, so I'm clearing my stuffs and store them in my Wardrobe.

And to top on the new stuffs which I bought, it is fully packed, and messy at the same time. Hope I can clear and pack it nicely before next year.

And due to some schedules, now I got lesser time for more Manga and Anime Peeking, Gunpla Building and there Games to be played.

And there walking session to add on.

Maybe I should make good use of my Nap time too. But I can get tired easily and get sick easily, so no point for that. Eating healthy and drinking water is still a must.

With so little time, I wonder what to plan slowly first.

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