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Mada's Figurines Report 25 December 2012

Today's Christmas and even so, I'm celebrating it at home, and watching more Anime and Manga, which I will try to put up a 1 or 2 of them tomorrow.

But for now, let peek at some nice and powerful Girls which decided to step out today, and there will be a lot of them to stare at.

Seem like one of my favor character is sitting somewhere.

Cryska Barchenowa @Amiami

Well, she is my favor character in the anime, but staring at this figurines just increase my like for her. Cryska is wearing her suit and posing in a semi lie down position, which is the appealing point.

Another thing to note that the base pinpoint her somewhere at the the city ruin, and there are some breeze as shown on the hair movement.

Interesting and easy to miss is that she is holding on to her weapons on her left hand, which is best to avoid her if you're going to do something bad to her. She is a very powerful girl character.

Another powerful and popular girl will be doing a nice pose and strangely same as Cryska, on a ruin place base.

Asuna Yuuki @Amiami

I might give praise to Kotobukiya for having such nice characters figurine and having them cost of 6,000 to 8,000 range.

Both Cryska and Asuna are my favorite characters though I wonder with the Ruin base. But that give the feeling of them on some battlefield.

Asuna is holding on to her rapier and ready to strike down any monsters that going against her, and at a swift pace. She don't own her nickname of being the Flash for nothing. Both Kirito and Asuna are very fast-pace characters in the story world, unlike for the other female characters that have a crush on Kirito. Wonder if they should be call the Fast and Furious Couple for Sword Art Online...

If we go by magic power, then the another groups of powerful girls would be the Mahou Shoujo.

Real Action Heroes - Puella Magi Madoka Magica @Amiami
-Homura Akemi
-Mami Tomoe
-Madoka Kaname

Just a matter of time before the another 2 more girls will appear, but this figurines appealing point is that they are more like a doll than a Figma or Figurine.

Except for the Head part, and the girls are indeed wearing normal clothing like we or dolls do.

The head part are like Figma / Nendoroid, so you can choose what face expression the girls are to express, and they do look very cute. I wonder why and what with Mami afraid expression though.

The girls can do many different poses, and they do hold very powerful weapons since they are Mahou Shoujo. Better don't cross the line or else you'll have hole in your body or get whack by a golf club. Arrow wise, same thing as before as the "Better be safe than Sorry" is very true.

If we go into Magic which original from Witchcraft, then maybe we need a Witch.

Sigrid of the Thorn @Amiami

I wonder if she can really fly on her broom, or that she just walking with it in between her legs.

But what I like for the Figurines is that her pose is not just only nice and sexy, but her costume make her a nice pretty witch.

If you hate her clothes, than you can strip her but I would prefer her clothes on. But who will get to see an exhibitionist witch flying naked on a broom in the first place? Even best is whether there flying broom first. Well, I might be wrong and someday I'll get to really sight an Exhibitionist Witch flying naked on a broom above, beside or anywhere on my watch.

You can make use of your Magic on her, but beware of her Magic on you. The thorns on the base is may be appealing, the problems is how dangerous they are. Very interesting is that how there seem to be Magic running on this figurines like that the base itself is very nice.

There even a frog like creature flying on a broom.

Another thing to know is how Alien can look so human, which seem like Magic too.

Ichika Takatsuki @Amiami

In the Anime / Manga world, Aliens are very human than anyone, just that they yet use to the culture. Maybe Japan have many different cultures, but what very interesting is that many of those Alien attend School no matter what.

Even Golden Darkness Yami-chan of To-love Ru is also attending school. And for Ichika, she get to experience what is love and having his own boyfriend.

Appealing point? She look like any normal girls, and you can let her choose to wear the normal Summer uniform too even though now is the Winter Season, and it seem like she ready for a walking Session.

It seem another girl in the right winter uniform can throw a punch.

Mahiru Inami @Amiami

Men.. Don't go near any where 2 meter near her and it for your own good. Her fear of men is just too great that she can unleash a punch that can get any men struck to the wall.

For a shy girl, I wonder what she did for her training in order to have that kind of strength and power. Or maybe that she had that power in the first place.

This figurines can change her arms and face expression from a shy girls to a ready to strike down any men near her.

It will be a painful one in order to experience what it would felt to struck to a wall from one punch by a hand. Maybe there are some who would like that.

If you don't want to get punch, there is another girl who doesn't punch but still can break you down.

Mashiro Shiina @Amiami

Her Arts Talents and studying talents by memorizing is so great, many who near her are afraid of her instead. Even her best friends had to experience their talent gap as the difference is just too great.

But Mashiro is still very cute, which is why this little Mashiro look very nice to grab. But in order to have it, you'll need to order the Magazine which is accompanying her, though it would be more like the other way around.

Though I would prefer to say the magazine is the one accompany, but Dengeki G's Magazine 2013 March Issue is not bad for a peeking Magazine, which I wonder if Mashiro will sleep when taking a little peek when it arrive.

Well, she do believe in pantsu, which is why she is holding it on her left hand and you can lift it to make it seem like she is passing you her Pantsu. Hmm, very dangerous if get caught taking her pantsu and being seen by many other.

Back to cute girls with magic, or not like praying instead, Elmina isn't a girl you want to overlook.

Elmina Rhoderia @Amiami

She isn't holding on to her staff, but that doesn't mean that she isn't any safer. Her magic still pack a punch if you're not aware of it.

But what got me wonder was on why she is praying and her eye is looking so cute.. I meant looking at another way.

Well her eye is really cute, and her dress is actually very nice for something that mix well between light Green and White color. Seem to me that she look like a healer more than a mage, which explained her hand posture and poses. If you're hurt, maybe you can ask her for help and not just because you caused something to make her whack you first.

Another very cute girls who actually very powerful in her own way would be kosaka.

Tamaki Kosaka @Amiami

In one of the to-heart 2 spin off, she is a warrior in some game and she is very powerful indeed. But for her to be in a Bunny suit, now that is dangerous.

She even got her teasing mode face on, and looking dangerously cute. Well, she is sitting down, so you can just chat with her to kill off some time.

Just that you might unexpectedly leak out a few secrets to her, which she can make good use of it to blackmail you.

But what to do? She is just a cute innocent bunny hopping around, and she is wearing a very nice white color for this version, which make her very sexy indeed.

But don't think that Bunny girls is just gonna be the last Fans Service I going to give. There are a few figurines in which Girls are in their Swimsuit, and it been a while since I last spam a group of them. But be warned, those girls are also very powerful too.

Armor plus Swimsuit, now that one new type of costume I less expected.

Celia Cumani Aintree @Amiami

I wonder why she wearing 2 pantsu, but wearing her  knight Arms and Legs Armour on top to her Swimsuit, that's what I got sexiness overkill if I see her at the beach or swimming pool.

But that give a nice touch to show her sexy body and at the same time letting other know that she's a knight.

If you're fond of Swimsuit girls, then you will have to stop after this figurine, and if you grab Celia, you can remove her swimsuit too. But it isn't daily that you get to see any girl out on the beach or swimming suit wearing a Bikini and partly Armour suit.

Add a rapier / sword to her and that overkill will rise to I got no comment or know what to even say.

Oh! I forgot there IS another girl who wear Armor and Swimsuit, and also very powerful.

Eucliwood Hellscythe @Amiami

Her armor is to serve as a restriction to her power, and should she speak, those power of words would be more powerful than anything.

Better don't let her say "Die" to you or that the end of you. But due to her Loli body and school swimsuit, her cuteness can be frightening cute.

I would love to be her Oni-san, and I like how Ayumu fancy Eu voice, though she would talk more in later story. But it just so cute to imagine characters will many different voice, which is why I peek Manga and Light Novel and imagine those characters are talking in my mind.

Another girl with Armor that come in the form of Panzer and her being the Commander.

Miho Nishizumi @Amiami

Miho just look so cute in her pink swimsuit and to think that she building a Sand Panzer with her tool in hand.

She is consider as powerful due to the part that not only is she the commander of her team, but her skills and strategies bring up her team to victories when the favors are against them.

She is of the Nishizumi school before with great skills until a tragedy that haunt her to quit it before the Anime start. But what can't be hide is her wits, care for her friends, and most of all; her cuteness.

Good look, nice body, high grade results and not just being popular with boys, Sakura is also very lucky and powerful too.

Ichiko Sakura @Amiami

The white swimsuit and her hair color seem a bit mix off, but she still look great and sexy too, and her cute face look really great.

But like I tend to point out, I hate the part that she is standing on one leg, which I wonder if she will get tired from that.

Reason is that figurines with one leg tend to trip down easily, but hopefully Sakura's good luck and fortune will help to maintain her nice pose.

And to think that another powerful girl is also standing on one leg and in her swimsuit.

Chiyuri Kurashima @Amiami

Maybe she is using her power to maintain her pose, but having the power of Acceleration at a very fast pace is no joke.

And to think that Chiyuri truth power isn't healing, but turning back the time, though it tend to heal back the other, or herself to the back it was.

It also seem that Green will be her main color, and adding her Neko avatar, she do look very nice and cute too. At least her pose is very nice as if she is running at the beach.

Another girl with nice body and is very powerful heroine would be Anice Farm.

Anice Farm @Amiami

Well, based off the anime which older than me, She seem to be like a heroine on top of her Teachers role. But her weapons isn't something to be laughing at.

But this figurines just make her look more modern looking and very pretty sexy too. Her swimsuit and her body mix very well indeed.

Honesty saying, I really give my praise, hat and thumbs up to Beach Queen Series for able to make those figurines of female Characters. Again, it might be just a matter of time before the male characters start to appear.

Finally with the last one to end this week Figurines Report, would be prince Momo!

Momo Velia Deviluke @Amiami

Behind her cute face hide her scheming heart and her power to get powerful plant to attack since she can talk to plant.

Even without her plant, she still can give a punch but her weakness being her tail didn't change.

Well, she is very dangerous and powerful for someone so cute. And she do make good use of her body to try to even seduce Rito.

But I wonder if she look like she is letting you to touch her tail though, and she is smiling. Well anyway, she just look very nice but beware of her Plants.

With so many Powerful Girls Figurines, any of them you want to ask out with?

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