Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Running Gunjou


Write by Sakamaoto Kou
Draw by Kirihara Idumi

Published in Big Gangan, Square Enix

Manga - Chapter 1 - 6 [Oncoming]

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Story start off with some childhood first, before getting back to the present.

Michi Yomogihara, a small skinny girl, returned to Japan to pursue to her passion and dream, and especially her Idol, who give her the dream goal of wanting to run.

An Outgoing with a strong will towards her goal of wanting to run like her Idol, she attend the school which her Idol happen to be teaching at.

But one must not underestimate her running stance, or even try to dare taking on her speed, which not only shock any runner on the road, but even shame the train or even motorcycle!

The reason for her insanely powerful windy run is all due to one incident while she was just a young girl.

Her Idol, Naomi Ugajin,which Michi call Upepo, was once an Ace of her high school, giving an unbreakable record, and being the fastest runner who caught up with the first runner in the race.

It was the hot wind caused by the running of Naomi that Michi decided to start and follow her dream, in hoping she will do the same thing as her Idol once she grow up.

But not all the good fate and encounter going to get Michi any where, since a tragic past strike Naomi while Michi was not in Japan until she grow up.

A very very tragic accident happened to Naomi during one of her exercise; A van driver had a heart attack and run out of control, which hit Naomi, and caused her to lose her left leg.

Legs are very important for a runner, but there was no one to blame as the driver died during the accident by heart attack, and Naomi give herself an funeral.

Her own dream and passion was all lost in that one accident.

Despite living on, she become an irresponsible teacher and an drunkard.

But initially unknown to Michi, as Naomi was seen walking very 'normally', but with a help of an artificial/prosthetic leg.

Due in order to let Michi give up on her, Naomi told her that she not in any running activities or club, and told her straight not to look up to her.

But this just made Michi wanting to know what happened 10 year ago, with a help from a girl.

Of course, her running about and running forwards is very shocking to anyone, and even dog.

I will be shocked if there anyone who can run that faster than Michi, which the authors really add in one.

Wonder just how much and far did the two girls can just run.

Of course Naomi's harsh words finally did not waver Michi's will any further after she learned of the truth, the accident, and Naomi's determined will after she lost her leg.

But in order for Naomi to run, she caused an uproar which caught the attention of many students and teachers.

Michi give out 'distraction' and ask many other students to join her in Ekiden Club, and hopefully to fulfill the dream which Naomi failed to achieve after the accident.

P.S. I find this a very interesting manga after I peek around, and I am looking towards to this manga, as it starting off.
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