Monday, May 28, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report 28 May 2012

After peeking around Amiami again, there always having 3 different style in Figurines; Chibi, Normal and very Detailed.

Same as Easy, Normal and Advance, which I like how cute the Vocaloid are look when they are in their racing queen suits. (@Amiami)

I amazed at how cute they can be, and even their smiling face can soothe many from tiredness.

And so, let take a very short peeking around for today, since this going to be a quick breeze.

And coming up nicely, is the Touhou Project girls! Even I want to exchange number with them!

I would say they fall under the "Normal" category, where some can be customized to the taste of the one who grab them, or just fix to their initial pose and always love to only show that only pose.

I would say they are very good, even the eye and hair are done very nicely, and since they are not very details, they are of the middle level, but even so, they are very healthy to the eyes.

Next one will be on the Cute part, which is pretty got many figurines dropped in.

It don't really depend on the details, but actually the point that they are more of the Cute looking, even with their own pose, like the vocaloid girl I show first.

Nodoka Manabe

2 of the figurines which I point out is that their eye and pose are what make them cute, although I would say that Nedroid Figurines are the one that occupy this category the most.

But even so, for me, Cute is what point out the simple and nice figurine, which make them cute.

Lastly, Very detailed.

This category is very easy to understand; you hardly see any flaws in the figurine, and they look as if they are real or alive.

As seem in the picture, some of them are so detailed that when you strip them, the body look so real.

Even I was shocked to see Jack Sparrow being detailed that nicely. But what make them easy to point out is that most of them are known as the most expensive due to details, and how they look "Alive" from top to toe.

But however, they are all figurines, so they need to be taken good care of, and dirt are their enemy, same as me.

I'm sure many people got different view on figurines, and when I got a peek on that, I would like to share it too, So, what your type and view on Figurine?

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