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German for "Fighter"

Creator -  Toshihiko Tsukiji

Light Novel - 15 Volumes [Finished]
Published by Media Factory

Manga - 6 Volumes [Ongoing]
Published in Monthly Comic Alive, Media Factory
Drawn by Yu Tachibana

Anime - 14 Episodes
Directed by Yasuhiro Kuroda
Studio - Nomad

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Story started with a Very Normal High school boy with blue hair, Natsuru Seno, who one day found himself turned into a girl.

A stuffed toy tiger which was given to him by Kaede Sakura, who he had a crush on, come to life and inform Natsuru that he had to fight other chosen "Kampfer".

Based on the released date of the Light Novel, Manga and Anime, one can noted that it been released long ago.

But let just peek a little down here.

As the genre call, it a Harem type of story, but the point of touch down is still here, Natsuru is oblivion to other girls' feelings.

Which pretty much the same as Ichika from Infinite Stratos (@Wiki).

But the catch here is that Natsuru know who he love, so you can peek at the spoiler in Wikipedia, if you're interested.

Initially, the fight between Kampfers was not avoidable, until Natsuru stepped into the arena.

As based from other Kampfer, Shizuku Sango, who is also the Student Council President, there were some who died from the battle.

All Kampfers are Female, but for Natsuru, he had to 'transform' into a girl in order to fight. And talk about cross-dressing? NO! Ayumu from Korewa Zombie Desuka didn't even come close when he transform into a Magical Girl, as he only 'wear' the clothes only.

Amazingly, a Male is not very popular until he become a girl, who attracted a lot of affection, including his first crush.

But that didn't mean that there are no girls who like his male form.

Natsuru's child hood friend; Mikoto Kondo, show very big pride to admit her love to him, but it still can be seen that she love him.

Even the very first Kampfer who want to kill Natsuru in the story fall in love with him; Akane Mishima.

Another thing to note down here is that this is also another Slice of Life during their free day, and where they are not fighting.

But there aren't any much fighting based, but more on each character's life.

And I like how they go about it, as I find them funny in some ways.

Different in the anime is some there are "colored" Fans Service, and earlier some characters insult each other by their voice who "sound like" the voice actress/actor who voiced them.

Though both Anime and Manga follow the plot of the Light Novel, their way of showing Kampfer is very easily shown, and Very hard to miss it.

In Light Novel, Natsuru only discovered he transform into a girl when he went to the toilet to wash himself in the morning.

Manga style is shown that he become shocked that he is a girl but he wearing the school female uniform.

Anime is about the same as the Manga though he point out he is a girl, but he in his own clothes.

But let not go into pointing out all the different version in the Light Novel, Manga and Anime.

If I must say, it would be;

  • You imagine the Fans Services in Light Novel, 
  • You stare at the Fans Services in Manga, 
  • And you watch the Fans Services in Anime but for a short moment.

Back to this story, and to take another interesting note is; there was no reason to the fight between each Kampfer.

The chosen Kampfers all just fight, without knowing the reason to why they fight.

And the fight between the Main Kampfers in the story was stop to a truce, but the 3 main heroine; Akane, Shizuku and Mikoto still Fight for Natsuru's affection.

Akane is the shy and soft-spoken of the three, but become hot-headed when transform into Kampfer, although she easily misunderstand others in both form.

Well, she hold the most Jealously when Natsuru is with another girl, which is her cute point.

Shizuku is the one who leads other by their nose, and very good in playing in words. And funny thing is that she changes when Natsuru spare her life from Akane earlier in the story.

Interestingly, Shizuku, Sakura and Female Natsuru become the three beauties in their school.

Lastly, Mikoto, energetic childhood friend to both Natsuru and Akane, who love do to take risk and do things outrageously.

And she even dare to wear the famous "Naked Apron" in front of Natsuru, though he closed his eye in order not to see it.

Weird at first, but it turn out that Sakura was behind the Kampfers fight alone, since each stuffed toy she give, the person who received will become a Kampfer.

And talk about a pretty nice girl who turned out to be the bad girl in the story, but she was being mind-controlled, as based on the Light Novel.

But she only like Girl, but different for Natsuru' case.

Funny thing is that I must praise the Creator for giving a very detailed point when describing how each Messengers' voice is like.

And when the anime went on flight, they really went and ask the voice actresses to voice the Messengers.

Which overall started the gag of voice sound alike in the story, though the manga is the one which do not mentioned the voice.

The manga take another approach but the plot is around the same.

As for now, are you ready to (re-)peek into the fighting between Kampfer?
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