Friday, May 4, 2012

Taking thing slowly

I had been wanting to clear thing as fast as possible, but when it come to driving, slowly does it is important though.

Running or walking is very different from driving, but main point down here is that I need to ensure that I getting used to stuffs.

As for me, I a slow-learners, and it take me a lot more practices in order to get thing done.

Not always slow can get me any where too though, and to even think that when I read Manga, I put aside Anime and Game; and vice verse.

Well, it seem like I need to get some fresh air too, but it hardly to get that in Singapore though, but I not saying that Singapore not a green environment.

Today, after getting back from my driving lesson, I was using the eye mask which I grabbed yesterday. The cooling mask gave me a shocking chill though.

The cold was very very unexpected, and after that, I don't remember cos I went into Nap mode until I was woken up by my mum for dinner time.

Later will be having some family hour, so kind of want to take a shower again, since, for unknown reason that only my clothe is wet, but not my bed or dakimukura.

Tomorrow I might or not go out for a walking session since there were some stuffs I need to to do first, but still, I still want to touch my PS3 game for a change. (TT w TT)

I did touch some book with my imouto at the library, but so far I yet to fully touch them yet, but I will be going though them on Sunday though, since I will doing some drawing during the night.

As for now, my family are all hooked to Korean drama, and I somehow shocked to see the number of Korean Drama that are stocked near the main television at home now.

There are some drama which I do not like personally, and same go for some manga/anime/game too. Reason to why I hate it; maybe just not my cup of tea.

But let just say; sometime it take some time before getting used to it.
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