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Mayo Chiki

Mayo Chiki!

Alt Name:-
Mayoeru Shitsuji to Chikin na Ore to
-> The Stray Butler and Myself the Chicken

Created by Hajime Asano
Drawn by Seiki Kikuchi
Published by Media Factory

Light Novels - 9 Volumes [Ongoing]

Manga (Drawn by Niito) - 3 Volumes [Ongoing]

Anime - 13 Episodes
Directed by
Keiichiro Lawaguchi
Studio - Feel

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Story interesting started with the main character, Sakamachi Kinjirou being K-O by his imouto.

A no wonder point is that their mother is a very powerful pro-wrestler who can fought a Tiger.

In due to his own name Sakama "Chi Kin" Jirou, he is been cursed as a chicken who will nose bleed when touch by a girl.

Main cause to his Gynophobia is due by his Mother and Imouto, and that his dad passed away due to illness.

Mostly on a slice of life style, in which a twist happen to Jirou's life when he found out about the secret to Subaru Konoe, butler to Kanade Suzutsuki.

Subaru, and not the motorcar brand, is in fact a girl who hide her gender into to pass her test which Kanade's dad, the School's Principal, set for her.

As only Male can be a butler, she promised to go to school as male.

Though it a good way to go by 3 years is to keep a low profile, but they attracted a lot of affection, which Subaru being the "pretty boy".

To keep Subaru's secret, Jirou was forced to a contact with Kanade where they will help cure his gynophopia in return to keep the butler's secret.

No one expected Jirou being afraid of female, which lead to his best friend thinking him to like guys than girl.

Well, due to the two of them sticking together after the incident, the misunderstanding went up another level.

And worst case is where Subaru 2 Main Fans Clubs went against each other; one is a BL style, while is GL style.

There are many Fans services in this anime, so best for younger age to understand Reality and Anime world first before peeking into too much.

BL stand for Boy to Boy Love, while GL (Not Good luck) is Girl to Girl Love. A very popular trend in Anime and Manga and even Light Novel.

As story went by, Jirou unexpectedly attract some girls' affection, and even Subaru, who don't trust Jirou at first, develop her feeling to him, and even change herself unknowingly, but noted by other.

Another things to note down here is that this anime is of those who outrageous un-logical story, but I do like at how the anime able to make it so well.

The jokes and gag are very well punched to the point that I can't stop laughing at how they can go about it in a way.

As far as I can see, there are some point of time when Mirai Suenaga appear in this anime.

There no really arc or plot in this story, since it just a slice of life. But it nice to see how they live by with thing happening at a twist.

If you're interested, you may want to take a little peek the unexpected secret world of Mayo Chiki.

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