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Sengoku Youko

Sengoku Youko  
Youko - Fox Demon

Creator - Mizukami Satoshi
Published in Comic Blade, Mag Garden

[8 Volumes, Ongoing]

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Story started during the Sengoku era, where Youko Tama and her younger stepbrother Jinka Sendou are on a quest to stop evil deed, be it demon or human alike.

They also called themselves the "Savior Siblings" who want to set those "Evil Doers" into the right path while they travel around the country.

During their journey, they met a Scary-cat swordsman, Hyoudou Shinsuke, and they plan to stop the Monk organization due to their suspicious methods.

This plot show out how a Demon girl with her "Human" brother going around stopping evil people or demons.

But it didn't mean the brother who is fighting at the time is going to show any mercy, but in time he did show some point where he think before action.

Was peeking this manga, while taking a short break from PS3, and by the time I stop mid-way, I gone to chapter 10.

Not bad on the plot and the way it started with Demon and Human, where there are just only "Evil" and "Good" only.

A very true saying when applying the words, and yet I am amazed at the creator for choosing the Sengoku era and putting the monk as the most suspicious.

Well, the underling are the innocent though, since the big shot are the one creating the trouble.

As far as the story go, Jinka said that he want to be a Full demon, which somehow put him as either a hybrid or just a human, based on how far I had read.

Although it different, Jinka kind of remind me of Inuyasha, but it seem like the creator going for a Fox, and setting Jinka with 4 Tails.

I not going to get myself to be hit by that 5 Buddha Rod, nor either his Giant punch. Another thing to note is that when Jinka is in demon mode, Tama become human mode.

Kind of like having their places switch, which point out why Jinka might be a human. But as the story is heading, it can also shown that there are human who "transformed" into demons.

How and why to that, I can't point out since I yet to read most of it, but I would recommend you to take a little peek, if you're interested.

As far as I peek into, it kind of interesting to know that even a scary and strong demon is actually a pretty human girl in disguise.

I know it a bit gross where there are human-eating demon down here, but it kind of cruel to know human turned into demon, and not to kill demon, but human too.

There where the "Savior Siblings" step in, but Jinka is doing the fighting, and Tama letting him drink some of her blood for Jinka to transform first.

If you are into some demon and human relation, you might want to take a little peek into the warfare era of Sengoku Youko.
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