Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Figurine on the Hoodie side

Just as I was ready to showcase some figurine today after I done the post yesterday, AmiAmi JUST had to go and post Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Version ready to take it flight (@AmiAmi)

Although my favor quote being "Waiting is sometime give good result", this really gone and hit me hard.

When Black Rock Hoody Shooter made it debut in the Anime Series, the demand for Black Rock Shooter wearing it hoody come naturally.

After all, why wear a hoody when you wear the cap for the sake of it? o(>w<)o

I still wearing my hoody as my black armour currently whenever I want to go for some sneaking around.

I was peeking around Amiami and Hibiki Tachibana figma caught my sparkling eye. (@AmiAmi)

It's actually the scary face on it that I was peeking on. And it come as a shock to me as I'd never thought that face style come with it at all.

Would be fun to test drive it if I got it, but I do not think it will be wise of it since her strength in that face is very very powerful.

After all, they did give her the punch needed to hit anyone who wouldn't live to tell the tales.

As I was watching To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers Anime, Harumi, in her Samurai Mode, is ready to take it flight. (@AmiAmi)

I really give credit to the one who create the character's design, by mixing Samurai wearing with a bit of Ninja style wearing.

Overall giving it a very mobile wear which allow the wearer to move around at quick speed.

Although revealing, consider that a Fans service to those who getting this with their clean hands.

However, beware of the swords which can cut anything.

While Danny Choo was showcasing his new Itasha (@Danny Choo), there are some peek showing some other characters wearing Mirai's School Uniform, which come as a good sneak.

Wonder if there are any other figurine in that school wear ready to take their flight.

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