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English for Jormungand

Creator - Keitario Takahashi

Title based on old Norse creature, Jörmungandr (@Wiki), known as Midgard/World Serpent, Son of God Loki.

11 Volumes [Ended on 19 Jan 2012]
Published in Monthly Sunday Gene-X, Shogakukan

12 Episodes [Currently on 7]
Directed by Keitaro Motonaga
Produced by Gaku Iwasa
Wirtten by Yosuke Kuroda
Music by Taku Iwasaki
Studio - White Fox

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Story start with Koko Hekmatyar, a young arms dealer and daughter to a global shipping magnate.

With her 9 bodyguards, they are deal with other countires on weaponry, while avoiding the Law agencies and Local Authorities.

Both in Manga/Anime, started off a little introduction, before getting into Action real fast, with Jonah (Jonathan Mar), giving nice gun shot despite being a young child.

Previously mentioned about a School where they train Guns (@Nagakun), this is a nice anime recommended by my friend about some nice gun.

The music down here are very catchy, and very healthy to ear, which I find it hard to ignore. And as shown in the manga, it more on realistic drawing, which Anime is able to show the right action and movement.

Though the killing may be disturbing for some, which is why the anime was air on Japan TV late at night.

But being so, it a nice anime worth to stay up late at night to take a little peek on it. I personally instantly take a quick liking to it.

I never really seem a real Woman with pale white skin with pale white hair, but Koko do give out a look with Serpent, which I must praise the Creator for creating this story.

Though she got 8 Ex-military veterans and 1 skilled child, they show little excitement, but all followed her due to their own reason, plus they are very happy when there is a hunt.

Another thing to add on, is that each individual bodyguard of Koko are powerful on their own, and do act on their own when there is a need for it.

Plus Koko had some motto when doing her Jobs, like where there are people who tails her, or like not to have deal on credit, she see money first too.

But Koko isn't just the only scary person down here though.

The voice actor themselves really make the character come to life, and I got, in some point, though it was real, due to the attitude and personality really match the characters in the Manga.

Despite the bodyguard following Koko for their own reasons, and seem as if they know what to do, and don't really listen to Koko, but they always put her life first before their, and protect her from anyone, even Jonah care for her despite being an emotionless kid in the story.

They, however, do catch her order and command, and really get into their mission, and they really kill.

I won't cross them if I really meet up with them, or even Koko, who some other people think of her as "Monster", despite she proclaimed selling weapons, just for world peace.

Plus, the group themselves, really think of each other as comrades whom they can believe in, while carrying out their own mission.

Another interesting thing to note, is that there are some different in some point, but there are no change when in action, or in the climax point, which is very interesting.

And I really like how the action go, like when Jonah suddenly take out those who tail Koko during driving, when she answer: "Shoot first, Never ask".

As for the Manga wise, I would like to take my time to read a bit over it, since it was ended early this year, and I didn't know that this was a very interesting Manga to start with before getting an Anime.

Which the action-packed shooting action, or the way the character speak, especially as it seem as if their own life can just disappear at unexpected timing too.

Despite that, Koko's group would prefer to hunt, then be hunted.

As far as I peek into this, I really can't stop watching the anime or reading the manga. And the title really was bit out of place at first when I start peeking into this. But the author really know why on choosing the title, later on the story plot.

So, are you into some dealing with the Arms dealer and her group in Jormungand?
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