Monday, May 21, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report 21 May 2012

This time we are going to take a few peek over Amiami, and see what are some nice Figurine in stock.

After last week Report on some swimsuit, we are going for some environment which add the fill of being in the room first.

Getting first in line of the queue is Menma of AnoHana sitting on a comfy-looking High Chair, and she is in her nice one piece long dress. (@Amiami | @Eng)

A nice combo to add to a room, and good to sit next to her since she is going to read a book too.

Next in line, come in 2 different sets to choose from, which is Sota of Working!! is going to serve you over at the portable Wagnaria. (@Amiami | @Eng).

Want to eat at a restaurant, but do not want to go out, or the place is always filled with no seat, or is it that you want to add some taste of a restaurant while eating your take-away?

This nice customer seat setting is going to spice up your taste buds with Sota happily serving you and making you relax at home, while imagining yourself over at Wagnaria.

But if you're want Sota to cook for you, then you will need to get a kitchen set for her in order to cook. (@Amiami | @Eng)

I'm sure that some other figurines would like to visit Wagnaria to get some bite, and you would be bless to get some tasty food serve to you in no time.

And Danny Choo is one of her regular customers too! (@Danny Choo)

As for now, I am currently biting on my Cold Soba cooked by Miku, which taste so unique.

After choosing a place to settle down, we do need to see if the place is good to add in some girl such as Magical Girl!

First off would be Madoka,of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, serving at the Cafe. (@Danny Choo)

Though No pet allow in most restaurants, the little white kitty next Madoka is not going to just sit around and act cute only. And Madoka can really serve well, and giving you enough Magical Moe power to make your food more tasty.

The clothes are also real since it considered as both a Doll and Figurine, but I do like how nice it is made, though the Joint is another issue.

Joining her will be also Kyoko Sakura, who is ready in both Figurine and Nedroid Mode.

(@Amiami | @Eng)
(@Amiami | @Eng)

But a words of warning; don't be surprise when the food is lesser than you expected, Kyoko do like to eat too.

If there is any rough customers, the Magical girl will take care of it, which give a good peace of mind to relax and eating at the Cafe.

If you really want a Maid at the Cafe instead, then you might want to request for Roberta of Black Lagoon. (@AmiAmi | @Eng).

Not only is she a Maid, but a liable body guard too, and a deadly one with her dual pistols.

It'll be wise to be a good boy or girl, and best not to be picky when choosing food too. She is one scary Maid who previous job was an Assassin, and very deadly with her cooking too.

I would still like to request for her though.

If Maid with Gun is not your type, how about a Shrine Maiden with Katana?

I'm sure Tomoe from Queen's blade would like to let you taste defea.. I mean delicious food.
(@Amiami | @Eng)

She can even use her Katana to do some nicely cut Sashimi which not just taste nice and fresh, but also leave you in big open jaw.

But be sure to finish the food and no leftover, since she is a Shrine Maiden.

Want the all-time popular Neko Girl to serve you? Then Ellis would be a good choice too.
(@Amiami | @Eng)

If you wish to chat and/or play some card/board game, She would love to and it would be fun too.

She also the real deal in being a true Cat girl who is an "alien" though, but it didn't mean she can't serve you over at the restaurant too!

But I wonder just what she doing with the cat paw stick though.

Do remember that no pet or something similar is allow in most restaurants, so don't anyhow get your "Eagle spirit" out like what Irisviel did.
(@Amiami | @Eng)

Though it can disappear on it own, but it best to serve Irisviel well, when she visit any restaurants though.

She always in nice clothes, and look so high class that I would like to request to have a tea with her too.

But it would be polite to inform any customers that no pets is allow, if the place you are working in do not give permission first.

Despite saying no pets allow, it a different story if you are the pet instead. (@Amiami | @Eng)

It would also nice to wear some cat ear and tail when going to the Cafe like Ruri though, which I would be embarrassed to even wear mine.

Make me wonder if the customers will be mistaken as the waiter/waitress instead. But It would be a nice make-up to go out with anyone though.

After peeking up to this point, have you decided on which environment to choose from and adding in the girl in yet?
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