Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 6/5/2012

Was kind of busy for this week since I got a few errand to take care of, which add on a bit of last minute tiny bit.

Despite planning in advance for this week, I will be taking thing slowly for a change, for a little while now.

For now, let take summary on some of this week little stuffs for now.

First off, with the figma mode of Black Rock Shooter wearing her hoody is in set, seem like Nedroid mode is giving no exceptions, and so for now, I will taking some peeking around to collect some data of those figurine wearing hoody.

More and more figurine are on the run and many more of the stuffs are around, which somehow making those little details in those figurine really nicely taken care of.

And to add on those little nice spare part are spicing up nicely, which, in some case are amazed by me to the point of having me scare at just how detailed they are.

I was just wondering just how good to grab them if they are on any sale at any Events though.

Most probably will be good to go and take good care of the Money Tree, other wise Black Rock Shooter Wallet will be hitting me very very hard.

As I mentioned that I been running around, especially Orchard Road, to grab some stuffs like clothes for my dad, and going out with imouto to buy some stuffs.

Even yesterday, I went on a walking session with my friends in the morning to go around peeking on some stuffs.

With some more stuffs in my room now, clearing for more space is needed. Not all is need to be stored in my room, but for now, I do want to clear some games and Manga which are the main concern.

And at Orchard yesterday, saw some people running around, but I don't they run as fast as Michi from Gunjou.

If dashing is to describe fast running, then I had nothing to say when it come to this kind of running.

Too be frank, I always last one in the running when I was during young, so I failed at the running test most of the time. I still very bad at running even now. And to think that this manga come out and show some things outrageous; outrunning a train.

Despite knowing the truth of the past tragic of her Idol, she still continue to choose running and want to create a Ekiden Club for the upcoming events, and to think that even her Idol, who become a teacher at Michi's school had nothing to say for now.

This just make me start to wondering at just how thing will go, despite this Manga took flight with 6 chapter on the run currently.

I really wonder at just how this manga can turn out though, although I do find it very outrageous at some point though. (*w* ;;)

Yesterday, I had eaten some cake, and of course, I mostly use 1 candle only; Yup, I only 1 years old XP.

Top it off, Mum bought this Tiramisu, but I eaten about 70% of it. It is a very small cake, and it was considered as dessert.

Well, enough typing for now, since I need to get up early for tomorrow lessons again, but tomorrow I will be peeking on some more anime, so I will be mostly probably reviewing on some past anime, and maybe some new one.

Good day to all~
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