Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is 1 so tired each day?

for today i am soooo tired... ~_~"

i like want go and sleep instead of doing things le and i be after writing this

anyway Chuang yi Comic have released out new books and tsubasa vol 16 is finally out!

althought it so late but at least i can give them credits for finally released this out, i do hope they can released other vol fast too like D-Grayman and Pokemon Adventure and Yu-Gi_Oh R

anyway naruto sip 31 and D-gray man vol 54 eng sub anime is out in cruchyroll and go check them out!

there are some new anime but i only watch for fun XS
but i hope they get better in storyline

anyway tml i need to do some presentation slide and later i go and slp le

just dun care heck care and anyhow care le

just present it and let it be done XD

k dun say too much le

and tell u all something...

MC~~> medical cert.... MUST COME! (even if u sick =x)
DC~~>Dis-Connect....Don't Come!(so dun connect XP)
DAY~~> Dun Alway Yawn (o_O)?

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