Friday, March 9, 2012

Learning Japanese while being clean

Moekana - Learning Japanese the Game way

Moekana @ Danny Choo
How to Learn Japanese @ Danny Choo

Look like there been an update from Danny Choo on Moekana, a simple card game on learning Japanese words.

What I can say is that he did go to the best extend of ensuring the cards are in good quality, meaning that 350 dot per inch is as he claimed; "Clearer than HD"

At the price of 1,500 Yen per desk, which consist of 50 illustration cards; 1 Introduction, 3 Characters and 46 Hiragana Learning Cards,

One good way on his advertising is that you may buy 2 desks pack, so you can the Mix and Match game, since 1 pack is only limited to "High speed Karuta" and  "Shiritori".

And since there will be a competition on Cards Tower, what I will be expect will be many other fans will be buying not just one or two pack to do a simple cards tower.

I wouldn't getting one to start playing with, since playing cards game is another to distress myself.

If you are interested, you may refer to Danny Choo web page for further information and/or pre-order it as it will be due to be released on April.... the time of the Cherry Blossom....

潔癖少年 完全装備
Alt Names:-
-Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi
-Cleanliness Boy: Fully Equipped

Author: Tobina Touya

Published in Hana to Yume, Hakusensha

Series - Manga; Chapter 1-8 [@Manga Reader]
More info @Baka-updates

If you are thinking that I may been a freaking Cleanliness guy, think again!

This manga which was released on 2006, show case on how a young teenage, Sata Senda, being a overly cleanliness boy (OCB) due to a tragic that haunt him when he was a little boy.

When you take a little peek on the story, what you will be wondering, and maybe start to take a look closer to your surrounding, is someone out there dirtying the environment?

There nothing to worry about as you can just wash it away with soap, and do note that Tissue paper is by far one of the best invention next to Soap.

What you can expect from this manga is some interesting joke on how much extent of cleanliness that he can go to, despite a little love life at such a young age. Love sure bloom at different age (*o* ;;)

Being by far a clean guy like me, don't really mean that I will go to that extent like Senda, but what I would expect is that when I doing cleaning in my house, I will ensure that no dusts or hairs on the room or shelf.

And to be right track, being clean is good thing, but what Senda is ensuring not just dusts only, once you read the Manga.
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