Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Changes in Vending Machines

Touchscreen Vending Machine
[Link to Danny Choo]

Another update from Danny Choo, and I really really not surprise seeing one, since Japan is one countries with a big gap in technology.

There are many different vending machines here in Singapore, but comparing to Japan, there no way to run since the vending machines in Japan is ranging from Qualities to Varies instead.

Looking back in the photo I taken in Japan, you can see that the vending machines are places next to each other.

Vending machines were previously known for getting of drinks, but later Snacks are introduced.

Singapore vending machines are mostly Drinks and Snack, which commonly place next to each other. The another one would be Hot/cold drink in a paper cups and hot sandwiches which i seen in Hospital (most of the time)

What amazed me is that they decided to introduce the "Touch Me" Vending Machines.... making them touchscreen. Thinking about it, nowadays, the word "Button" will soon become a question while touchscreen become a habit.

However, if I was to say that I am not surprised about touchscreen vending machines, I got another incoming from Danny Choo webpage.

THIS did amazed me to the maximum. Not because that it is touchscreen, but what I surprised is to how much extend did they go for the vending machines.

So when you are visiting Japan, first thing first, you may want to go around and look for the famous vending machines. Otherwise you may head over to Shibuya for some shopping. (Shibuya Shopping @Danny Choo)

But do take note of one more thing on your train ticket when you are in Japan.

If you are using the train station Suica Cards, you can take a peek on where you had been.

But if you're using the one way trip ticket, you will be getting the yellow one which I held, and not the one Danny Choo holding.

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